Mick & David Easterby

A list of MWE trained winners since 1961

The list is not quite complete but we're working on it!

Winners of 2456 races listed.

Mick Easterby has trained a total of 2469 winners in his career.

17Apr61 Edinburgh Great Rock Edinburgh Spring Handicap J Etherington

07Jun61 Beverley Big Time Westwood Handicap J Etherington

06Jul61 Stockton Red Deamon Carrs 2 yo Plate J Etherington

19Aug61 Ripon Steal A March Monkton Handicap E Hide

01Sep61 Stockton Steal A March Wilton Apprentices Stakes D Lacy

27Sep61 Beverley Nigarda Saturday Market Selling Stakes B Henry

18Oct61 Ripon Sprack Skellgate Handicap J McGeogh

16Apr62 Edinburgh Steal A March Musselburgh Handicap LG Brown

23Apr62 Market Rasen Steal A March De Aston Maiden Hurdle C Dukes

25Jun62 Stockton Grimston Gold Green Bushes Maiden Plate J Etherington

18Jul62 Catterick Sannat Queen Brompton 3 yo Stakes J Etherington

31Jul62 Redcar Grimston Gold Neptune 3 yo Handicap E Hide

11Aug62 Redcar Grimston Gold Bedale 3 yo Selling Plate E Hide

18Sep62 Edinburgh Grimston Gold Montrose 3 yo Plate J Etherington

27Sep62 Pontefract Urget Tadcaster Selling Plate R Maddock

13Oct62 Redcar Steal A March Esk Dale Handicap B Henry

06Apr63 Catterick Steal A March Jockey Cap Handicap E Hide

11Apr63 Southwell Back Bencher Burgage 4yo Hurdle (Div II) PA Farrell

12Apr63 Doncaster Miss Barbara Ranskill 2 yo Auction Plate E Mercer

13Apr63 Doncaster Urget Bessacarr Handicap Plate R Maddock

17Apr63 Catterick Cap Spartel Hornby Castle Apprentice Selling Handicap Mr G Robinson

22Apr63 Edinburgh Steal A March Edinburgh Spring Handicap E Hide

01May63 Ripon Red Deamon Rainton 2yo Plate J Etherington

11May63 Hamilton Descant Auchinraith Handicap Plate R Street

22May63 Catterick Miss Barbara Gainford 2 yo Stakes J Sime

27May63 Hamilton Descant Haughhead Selling Handicap D Beattie

30May63 Carlisle Barra Gri Wastwater 2 yo Stakes J Etherington

04Jun63 Redcar Derkacz Skelton 3yo Selling Handicap J Sime

29Jun63 Newcastle Moetchandon Gibside 2yo Plate E Hide

02Aug63 Thirsk Grimston Gold Cowesby Apprentice Handicap D Beattie

02Aug63 Thirsk Honey Wax Coxwold 2yo Maiden Plate J Etherington

09Aug63 Redcar Stittenham I Staintondale 2 yo Nursery Handicap W Smith

10Aug63 Redcar Red Deamon Goathland 2 yo Nursery Handicap J Etherington

16Aug63 Stockton Grimston Gold Norton Plate (3 yo) Handicap E Hide

24Aug63 Carlisle Steal A March Penrith Handicap LG Brown

16Sep63 Edinburgh Honey Wax Prestonpans Nursery Handicap E Hide

19Sep63 Lincoln Stittenham I Stamford Selling Plate LG Brown

12Oct63 Redcar Honey Wax Commondale Nursery Handicap LG Brown

19Oct63 Stockton Grimston Gold Stockton Stewards Handicap E Larkin

01Nov63 Liverpool Bantillo Lancashire 3yo Selling Handicap E Hide

17Apr64 Bogside Prince Riza Ravenspark Selling Handicap LG Brown

02May64 Lanark Prince Riza Blackwood Selling Handicap HJ Greenway

11May64 Ayr Wold Lass Doon Apprentice Selling Handicap Alan Robson

04Jun64 Epsom Miss Barbara Stewards 3 yo Handicap D Cullen

17Jun64 Ripon Red Deamon Princess Royal Handicap LG Brown

22Jun64 Stockton Fibre Vane Plate LG Brown

25Jun64 Newcastle Barra Gri Dobson Peacock 3yo Handicap E Hide

15Jul64 Carlisle Kings Ideas Hollister 3yo Selling Handicap LG Brown

29Aug64 Newcastle Oak Beam Sandgate 2yo Plate J Etherington

05Sep64 Lanark Diane L Mauldslie 2yo Selling Plate E Hide

17Oct64 Stockton Miss Barbara Cleveland 3 yo Handicap LG Brown

17Oct64 Stockton Billy Boy Hurworth 2yo Nursery Handicap LG Brown

12Dec64 Southwell Victor Farndon Selling Hurdle C Dukes

02Jan65 Catterick Victor Stand 4yo Hurdle (Div I) C Dukes

23Mar65 Doncaster Cap Spartel Hall Gate Selling Handicap Hurdle (Div II) P Burnham

14Apr65 Pontefract Brandy Snap Star 3yo Handicap R Maddock

08May65 Haydock Mighty Faustus White Lodge 2 yo Plate J Seagrave

12May65 Catterick Young Harold Star Cottage 2 yo Selling Stakes J Etherington

18May65 York Mighty Faustus Zetland 2 yo Stakes A Breasley

21May65 Thirsk Miss Barbara Norby Stakes (Handicap) B Lea

21May65 Thirsk High Table Carlton Minniot 2 yo Plate J Etherington

26May65 Catterick Red Deamon Grinton Handicap LG Brown

28May65 Pontefract High Table Park Juvenile 2 yo Plate J Etherington

03Jun65 Carlisle Brandy Snap Bassenthwaite 3yo Handicap J Etherington

03Jun65 Carlisle Sun Tonic Ennerdale Water Stakes LG Brown

19Jun65 Redcar Gay Gadabout Staithes 2yo Stakes J Etherington

28Jun65 Ripon Red Deamon Northern Handicap J Etherington

28Jun65 Ripon Como Boy Dishforth 2yo Selling Plate J Etherington

29Jun65 Hamilton Miss Barbara Gary Owen Handicap J Sime

03Jul65 Stockton High Table Carrs Plate LG Brown

10Jul65 Newcastle Fleece Norham Maiden Stakes LG Brown

12Jul65 Stockton Gay Gadabout Highfield Plate J Etherington

12Jul65 Stockton Slater Street Belle Isle Handicap Stakes LG Brown

18Jul65 York Bobby's Pet Jervaulx Stakes A Breasley

22Jul65 Catterick Gay Gadabout Tunstall 2yo Stakes J Etherington

24Jul65 Ayr Slater Street Clyde Stakes R Maddock

31Jul65 Thirsk Fleece Sessay 2yo Plate LG Brown

28Aug65 Newcastle High Table Royal Porcelain Nursery Handicap Stakes J Etherington

29Aug65 Ripon Fleece Stainley Nursery Handicap E Hide

17Sep65 Haydock Billy Boy Risley Handicap D Smith

18Sep65 Thirsk High Table Phoenix 2yo Nursery Handicap J Etherington

18Sep65 Haydock Chamform Wood Pit 2yo Selling Plate LG Brown

23Sep65 Pontefract Meads Monarch Tadcaster 3yo Selling Plate LG Brown

25Sep65 Catterick Oak Beam Coverdale Handicap R Maddock

27Sep65 Hamilton Weft Cinquefoil 2 yo Stakes LG Brown

27Sep65 Hamilton Hayat Cadzow 3 yo Stakes J Etherington

27Sep65 Hamilton Fleece Lord Hamilton of Dalzell Nursery Handicap LG Brown

16Oct65 Stockton Weft Hurwoth 2 yo Nursery Handicap LG Brown

16Oct65 Stockton Billy Boy Ironopolis Handicap J Etherington

24Nov65 Haydock Fibre Lowton 3yo Selling Hurdle J Fitzgerald

29Jan66 Sedgefield Hawcroft Stockton Novices Hurdle (Div I) P Burnham

24Mar66 Aintree Lady Zena Croxteth 2 yo Plate LG Brown

08Apr66 Stockton Lady Zena Carlton 2 yo Plate LG Brown

08Apr66 Doncaster Miss Sal Ranskill 2yo Auction Plate J Etherington

11Apr66 Newcastle Sky Don Jesmond 2yo Stakes J Etherington

13Apr66 Catterick Lady Zena Toytop 2 yo Stakes LG Brown

02Jun66 Carlisle Slater Street Crummock Water Handicap LG Brown

20Jun66 Stockton Bandito Castle and Anchor Apprentice Selling Handicap G Sexton

21Jun66 Catterick Meads Wonder Aldbrough 3yo Selling Handicap LG Brown

01Jul66 York High Table Pasture Masters Handicap J Etherington

14Jul66 Carlisle Meads Wonder Honister 3yo Selling Handicap LG Brown

16Jul66 Hamilton Mighty Faustus Monkland Handicap L Brown

25Jul66 Stockton Pal's Passage Cleveland Clubs 2yo Plate LG Brown

01Aug66 Newcastle Altair Seahouses Stakes LG Brown

02Aug66 Redcar Sun Tonic Dunsdale Selling Handicap Stakes LG Brown

05Aug66 Redcar Maytime South Durham 2yo Fillies Stakes B Henry

06Aug66 Redcar Sprightly Sprite Bedale 2yo Selling Stakes J Etherington

31Aug66 York Sky Don Ouseburn 2yo Nursery Handicap B Henry

06Sep66 Doncaster Common Pond Rous 2yo Nursery Handicap D Letherby

17Sep66 Thirsk Lady Zena Highflyer 2yo Nursery B Henry

19Sep66 Edinburgh Pal's Passage Prestonpans 2yo Nursery Handicap J Etherington

21Sep66 Pontefract Sprightly Sprite Minor 2yo Nursery Handicap D Letherby

28Sep66 Newmarket Fleece Great Eastern Handicap E Hide

27Mar67 Newcastle Galvilla Killingworth 2 yo Maiden Stakes J Etherington

17Apr67 Edinburgh The Chestnut Lady Inveresk Stakes LG Brown

19May67 Ripon Grey Steel Norby Stakes E Hide

27May67 Teesside Park Boismoss Ayton Stakes J Skilling

27May67 Teesside Park Brissenden Bowes 2yo Stakes J Skilling

01Jun67 Newcastle Beckside Tyne 2yo Maiden Stakes J Skilling

07Jun67 Ripon Pal's Passage Princess Royal Handicap J Etherington

16Jun67 York High Table Pasture Masters Handicap J Etherington

19Jun67 Edinburgh Ouragan Fisherow Stakes LG Brown

21Jun67 Thirsk Brissenden Twilight 2yo Stakes J Etherington

23Jun67 Redcar Sing Gaily Whitby Selling Handicap Stakes E Hide

26Jun67 Ripon Boismoss MATH 3 yo Handicap J Skilling

30Jun67 Newcastle Pal's Passage Gosforth Park Cup J Etherington

03Jul67 Teesside Park Dinga Dong River Tees 3 YO Handicap K Bremner

08Jul67 Newcastle Sing Gaily Coupland 3yo Selling Handicap V Fagotter

10Jul67 Teesside Park My Old Dutch Hambleton 3yo Handicap J Etherington

21Jul67 Ripon Boismoss Allhallowgate Handicap J Skilling

04Aug67 Teesside Park My Old Dutch Crathorne 3yo Handicap J Skilling

05Aug67 Teesside Park Grey Steel Middlesbrough Handicap J Sime

15Aug67 Nottingham Fleece Nottingham Stewards Handicap Stakes LG Brown

02Sep67 Lanark Grey Steel Trabroun Handicap A Horrocks

06Sep67 York Galvilla Ouseburn Nursery Handicap Sweepstakes G Sexton

12Sep67 Doncaster Common Pond Doncaster Handicap D Letherby

21Sep67 Pontefract Valairon Tadcaster Three Year-Old Selling Stakes L Piggott

21Sep67 Pontefract Beckside Junior-Miss Nursery 2yo Handicap Plate R Hutchinson

22Sep67 Haydock Sprightly Sprite Preston 3yo Stakes D East

25Sep67 Hamilton Brissenden Lord Hamilton of Dalzell Nursery Handicap LG Brown

07Oct67 Newmarket Boismoss Cesarewitch Stakes (Handicap) E Johnson

15Mar68 Newcastle High Table Newcastle Easter Handicap J Etherington

08Apr68 Edinburgh Don Spirit Inveresk Stakes E Hide

11May68 Newcastle Pal's Passage Harp Lager Handicap Paul Tulk

25May68 Hamilton Bolton Girl Netherton Handicap J Etherington

05Jun68 Ripon King Cotton Wharfe Plate J Seagrave

08Jun68 Thirsk Grey Steel Thirsk Handicap B Connorton

14Jun68 York Common Pond Pasture Masters Handicap D Letherby

19Jun68 Catterick Punters Paradise Zetland 2 yo Stakes LG Brown

21Jun68 Ayr Don Spirit Dunure 3yo Handicap N McIntosh

22Jun68 Ayr Vendomese Kilmarnock Selling Stakes J Skilling

24Jun68 Edinburgh Opening Time Fisherrow 2yo Stakes LG Brown

27Jun68 Newcastle Fleece Foster Bell Wallsend Apprentice Handicap D Morris

29Jun68 Lanark Wild Root Elsrickle Stakes J Skilling

29Jun68 Lanark Welbank Carluke 2yo Selling Stakes J Skilling

08Jul68 Teesside Park Lucia Santa Hambleton Selling Handicap LG Brown

14Jul68 York Grey Steel Rievaulx Handicap E Johnson

18Jul68 Redcar Be Tolerant Boulby Selling Handicap Brian Lee

19Jul68 Pontefract Premiette Wragby 2yo Maiden Fillies Plate LG Brown

25Jul68 Catterick Bolton Girl Brough Handicap E Johnson

26Jul68 Carlisle Lucia Santa Newlands 3yo Handicap George Duffield

01Aug68 Redcar Javatina Mulgrave Sweepstakes LG Brown

10Aug68 Redcar Starbuck Bedale 2yo Selling Stakes Lionel Brown

15Aug68 Catterick Bolton Girl Crathorne Handicap TL Batty

23Aug68 Teesside Park Javatina Wilton Apprentice Stakes Mr RI Roberts

24Aug68 Teesside Park Grey Steel Middlesbrough Handicap E Johnson

29Aug68 Carlisle Beeston Hartside 2yo Plate J Skilling

05Sep68 Haydock Lane House Wood Pit 2yo Stakes E Hide

14Sep68 Ripon Beckside Markington 3yo Handicap W Carson

17Sep68 Edinburgh Grey Steel Buccleugh Apprentice Handicap L Severn

25Sep68 Haydock Javatina Preston 3yo Handicap W Carson

23Nov68 Sedgefield Lintloch Croxdale Novices Hurdle E Fenwick

09Dec68 Market Rasen Lintloch Nettleton 3yo Novices Hurdle E Fenwick

10Mar69 Ayr Don Spirit Slaphouse 3yo Novices Hurdle R Barry

07Apr69 Newcastle Javatina Forest Hall Handicap Mr RI Roberts

26Apr69 Redcar Opening Time Seaside 3yo Handicap B Lee

30Apr69 Catterick Bolton Girl Bridge Handicap J Etherington

30Apr69 Catterick Ickford Sedbury 2yo Auction Plate J Etherington

10May69 Hamilton Ickford Scottish Rifles 2yo Stakes LG Brown

12May69 Hamilton Tara Rose Garrion Selling Plate J Skilling

21May69 Catterick Goldwyn Stapleton 2yo Plate J Skilling

23May69 Haydock Always Happy Newtown 2yo Stakes J Seagrave

24May69 Teesside Park Speadon Faceby 2yo Selling Stakes J Seagrave

26May69 Redcar Mega Fawn Marske 2yo Fillies Stakes J Etherington

28May69 Ripon Beckside Skellgate Handicap Stakes W Carson

31May69 Thirsk Goldwyn Ladys Well 2 yo Stakes Eric Eldin

31May69 Ayr Ickford Hillhouse 2yo Stakes LG Brown

02Jun69 Edinburgh Mega Fawn Colinton 2yo Fillies Stakes J Etherington

06Jun69 Lanark Goldwyn Hazelbank 2 yo Stakes J Etherington

07Jun69 Thirsk Javatina John Bell Memorial Handicap LG Brown

14Jun69 Hamilton Grey Steel Almada Stakes J Skilling

16Jun69 Edinburgh Goldwyn Tranent 2 yo Stakes J Etherington

21Jun69 Ayr High Table Castlehill Handicap C Eccleston

23Jun69 Ripon Beckside Northern Handicap W Carson

07Jul69 Edinburgh Davious Castlemilk 2yo Stakes J Skilling

10Jul69 Newmarket Malika Ellesmere 3yo Selling Handicap L Piggott

12Jul69 York Goldwyn Friargate 2 yo Stakes J Etherington

19Jul69 Hamilton Goldwyn Wishaw 2yo Stakes J Etherington

02Aug69 Lanark Grey Steel Wishaw Handicap J Skilling

08Aug69 Redcar Starbuck Staintondale Selling Stakes J Skilling

09Aug69 Redcar Premiette Fox Hunters Handicap Sweepstakes L Piggott

11Aug69 Newcastle Goldwyn Seaton Delaval Stakes J Etherington

12Aug69 Nottingham Privy Star Bestwood 3yo Handicap E Johnson

18Aug69 Ripon Pal's Passage Great St Wilfrid's Handicap W McCaskill

01Sep69 Epsom Pal's Passage Paddock Handicap Stakes G Lewis

06Sep69 Thirsk Caxton King Highflyer 2yo Stakes Eric Eldin

13Sep69 Ripon Opening Time Markington 30 Handicap LG Brown

08Dec69 Southwell Batchelor Eakring 4yo Hurdle P Broderick

13Dec69 Sedgefield Batchelor Nags Head Novices Hurdle P Broderick

24Dec69 Sedgefield Batchelor Mordon Novices Hurdle (Div II) P Broderick

24Feb70 Sedgefield Batchelor Crook Handicap Hurdle P Broderick

14Mar70 Sedgefield Spirit Of India Stanhope Selling Handicap Hurdle P Broderick

31Mar70 Newcastle Windstorm Tyne 2yo Fillies Stakes L Piggott

11Apr70 Teesside Park Elsie's Bow Lustrum Beck 2yo Stakes J Seagrave

18Apr70 Thirsk Elsie's Bow Clifton 2yo Stakes J Seagrave

04May70 Lanark Always Happy Houston 3 yo Handicap C Eccleston

07May70 Chester Lavender Twist Sceptre 2yo Stakes G Lewis

09May70 Hamilton Elsie's Bow Scottish Rifles Stakes G Cadwaladr

26May70 Redcar Windsor Star Lowther 2yo Plate J Seagrave

28May70 Hamilton Tuna Boy Campsie 2yo Stakes G Cadwaladr

06Jun70 Thirsk Gay Perch Tetley Handicap M Birch

11Jun70 Beverley Windstorm Robert B Massey 2yo Trophy G Lewis

26Jun70 Newcastle Lavender Twist Stagshaw 2yo Stakes B Taylor

27Jun70 Newcastle Windstorm Chesters 2yo Stakes B Connorton

13Jul70 Edinburgh Always Happy New Hailes 3 yo Handicap LG Brown

23Jul70 Lanark Sheriff Hutton Hyndford Stakes J Seagrave

03Aug70 Ripon Always Happy Yorkshire 3 yo Handicap LG Brown

03Aug70 Ripon Gold Fleece Sinderby Selling Plate J Seagrave

05Aug70 Pontefract Welsh Prince Colfilgs 2yo Juvenile Plate W Carson

12Aug70 Haydock Welsh Prince Tydesley 2yo Nursery Handicap J Seagrave

21Aug70 Teesside Park Good Looking Thornaby 2yo Plate M Birch

29Aug70 Market Rasen Vagarious Ashby Mill Road Juvenile Hurdle P Broderick

21Sep70 Edinburgh Windsor Star Prestonpans 2yo Nursery Handicap J Seagrave

28Sep70 Hamilton Gold Tack Cinquefoil 2yo Stakes B Connorton

03Oct70 Haydock Windsor Star Leigh 2 yo Stakes J Skilling

09Feb71 Sedgefield Kingsley Girl Aythorpe 4yo Novices Hurdle P Broderick

13Mar71 Sedgefield Tara Rose Grove Novices Hurdle P Broderick

12Apr71 Newcastle La Cilla Longbenton 2yo Fillies Stakes J Skilling

16Apr71 Thirsk Tumuli Knayton 2yo Stakes J Skilling

28Apr71 Catterick Madam Very Blase Sedbury 2yo Auction Plate J Seagrave

01May71 Newcastle Win Newcastle Selling Stakes J Skilling

07May71 Beverley Workboy North Cave Auction Plate J Skilling

07May71 Beverley Sheriff Hutton Leconfield 3 yo Handicap E Hide

02Jun71 Ripon Workboy Deverall 2 yo Plate J Seagrave

05Jun71 Thirsk Madam Very Blase Kilvington 2yo Stakes M Birch

08Jun71 Hamilton Hopeful Chick Dan Flynn 2yo Selling Stakes E Hide

10Jun71 Beverley Workboy Robert Massey Group 2yo Trophy J Lindley

12Jun71 York La Cilla Lendal Bridge 2yo Stakes E Hide

16Jun71 Catterick Dad Zetland 2yo Stakes G Cadwaladr

21Jun71 Edinburgh Good Value Gallipoli 2yo Stakes B Connorton

24Jun71 Newcastle Lovely Lilling Blagdon 2yo Plate M Birch

25Jun71 Newcastle Dutch Gold Fawdon 2yo Plate E Hide

25Jun71 Newcastle Jupiter Angerton 2yo Plate E Hide

26Jun71 Newcastle Workboy Chester Stakes J Lindley

26Jun71 Doncaster Golden Mallard Municipal 3 yo Handicap LC Parkes

01Jul71 Carlisle Dutch Gold Walton 2 yo Plate E Hide

01Jul71 Carlisle Golden Mallard City 3 yo Handicap J Seagrave

24Jul71 Ripon Seventh Star Shipley 2yo Selling Stakes W Carson

02Aug71 Ripon Dutch Gold Winksley 2 yo Nursery Handicap E Hide

02Aug71 Ripon Queen's Grace Sinderby 2yo Selling Plate E Hide

04Aug71 Ayr Grey Diamond Carbieston 2yo Plate J Seagrave

21Aug71 Teesside Park Red Rodney Lambton Stakes LG Brown

26Aug71 Beverley Golden Mallard Rise Sprint Handicap J Seagrave

28Aug71 Pontefract Good Value Normanton 2yo Stakes J Seagrave

30Aug71 Chester L'Elita Combermere Stakes J Seagrave

06Sep71 Ripon Gold Tack Ripley 3yo Handicap M Birch

08Sep71 Doncaster Good Value Glasgow Paddocks 2yo Selling Stakes E Hide

20Sep71 Edinburgh La Cilla Prestonpans 2yo Nursery Handicap E Hide

25Sep71 Hamilton Red Rodney Orbiston Stakes Handicap M Birch

06Oct71 York Red Rodney York Apprentice Handicap T Wray

17Apr72 Edinburgh Sheriff Hutton Crudens Musselburgh Handicap E Hide

29Apr72 Newcastle Mellow Teak Holyrood Amateur Riders' Stakes Mr P Mitchell

10May72 York Gypo Scarborough 2yo Maiden Stakes G Lewis

20May72 Thirsk Gypo Gallows Lane Stakes E Hide

24May72 Ripon Golden Mallard Skellgate Handicap E Hide

29May72 Doncaster Workboy Zetland Handicap G Starkey

29May72 Redcar Dad Coatham 2yo Stakes E Hide

02Jun72 Pontefract Berserk Sycamore 2yo Plate E Hide

19Jun72 Ripon Red Rodney Northern Handicap E Johnson

19Jun72 Ripon Grimston Echo Melmerby Plate G Starkey

26Jun72 Pontefract Boythorpe Mexborough 3yo Plate (Div 1) E Larkin

27Jun72 Pontefract Romstead Try Again Juvenile Maiden Stakes E Hide

29Jun72 Newcastle Monkey Nut Blagdon Maiden Plate E Hide

30Jun72 Newcastle Boythorp's Amanda Fawdon Fillies Plate J Seagrave

13Jul72 Doncaster Gullible Joe Huddersfield 2yo Auction Stakes E Hide

14Jul72 Newcastle Monkey Nut Bothal Stakes E Hide

17Jul72 Newcastle Red Rodney Craster Handicap E Hide

17Jul72 Newcastle Monkey Nut Boulmer Plate E Hide

22Jul72 Ripon Mineral Shipley 2yo Selling Stakes G Cadwaladr

01Aug72 Redcar Grimston Echo Lonsdale 2yo Nursery Handicap E Hide

02Aug72 Ayr Golden Mallard Gold Cup Trial G Cadwaladr

05Aug72 Redcar Red Rodney Bass Rosebowl Handicap M Birch

12Aug72 Ripon Green Man Wool 2 yo Selling Stakes G Cadwaladr

15Aug72 York Golden Mallard Harewood Stakes Handicap G Cadwaladr

04Nov72 Haydock Sheriff Hutton Vernons Organisation Stakes Handicap E Hide

26Jan73 Doncaster Cheeky Boy Selby Selling Hurdle P Broderick

25Apr73 Ripon Dutch Gold Hackfall Apprentice Handicap P Wray

05May73 Beverley Dutch Gold Swanland Handicap M Birch

18May73 Thirsk Poldhullie Carlton Miniott Plate G Cadwaladr

26May73 Doncaster Dutch Gold Falmouth Handicap L Brown

09Jun73 Epsom Workboy Cherkley Sprint L Piggott

04Jul73 Carlisle Roan Ranger Bective 3yo Selling Plate Terry McKeown

28Jul73 Newcastle Burwell Nowell 2yo Stakes E Hide

28Jul73 Newcastle Rise Coupland 3yo Selling Handicap M Birch

03Aug73 Thirsk Admiral Hawk Bedale Maiden Plate M Birch

03Aug73 Thirsk Montage Topcliffe Plate J Seagrave

04Aug73 Thirsk Dutch Gold Tote Roll Up Handicap E Hide

15Aug73 Catterick Noble Gesture Stockwell Plate E Hide

25Aug73 Goodwood Dutch Gold Globtik Cup Handicap G Duffield

27Aug73 Newcastle Red Rodney Perkins Memorial Cup Handicap Stakes W Carson

29Aug73 Beverley Polly Peachum Routh Plate E Hide

01Sep73 Ripon Burwell Champion 2yo Trophy J Seagrave

08Sep73 Nottingham Golden Mallard Daily Double Handicap G Sexton

14Sep73 Lanark Klondyke Pete Levy Board Apprentice Stakes T Walsh

22Sep73 Catterick Silver Teal Askrigg 2 yo Stakes J Seagrave

06Oct73 Haydock Polly Peachum Stewards Handicap E Hide

13Oct73 Ascot Dutch Gold Bovis Handicap E Hide

06Apr74 Beverley Be Fun Risby 3 yo Maiden Plate E Hide

07Apr74 Ayr Lazenby Smithstone 3yo Handicap E Hide

12Apr74 Redcar Red Rodney Easter Handicap LG Brown

15Apr74 Wetherby Luck Wilstrop Novices Hurdle Race Amateur Riders N Tinkler

17Apr74 Ripon Fretta Grewelthorpe Plate E Hide

12Jun74 Beverley Fretta Hilary Needler Trophy E Hide

28Jun74 Newcastle Dutch Gold Gosforth Park Handicap E Hide

06Jul74 Beverley Polly Peachum Leeds Dragonara Handicap E Hide

15Jul74 Ayr Red Rodney Rozelle Handicap LG Brown

20Jul74 Ripon Fretta Hornblower 2 yo Stakes B Connorton

20Jul74 Ayr Ashcliffe Springside Selling Stakes E Hide

21Jul74 Edinburgh Queen's Bay Dunbar Apprentice 3yo Stakes J Buchanan

01Aug74 Carlisle Broomstone Honister 3yo Selling Stakes C Moss

10Aug74 Haydock Calloloo Wood Pit Superior Selling Stakes W Carson

16Aug74 Hamilton Broomstone Drumclog Stakes E Hide

18Aug74 Ripon Lochnager Studley 2 yo Stakes LG Brown

20Aug74 York Dutch Gold Harewood Stakes E Hide

24Aug74 Newcastle Olive Blue Gallowgate 3yo Stakes G Cadwaladr

28Aug74 Beverley Highland Rock North Bar 3yo Maiden Stakes C Moss

16Sep74 Edinburgh Lazenby Prestonpans Nursery P Long

07Nov74 Teesside Park Wheatclose Durham Plate E Hide

07Nov74 Teesside Park Dutch May Teesside Stainsby Beck Fillies Plate E Hide

07Nov74 Teesside Park Burwell North Yorkshire Handicap E Hide

12Nov74 Haydock Burwell Claude Harrison Memorial Challenge Trophy E Hide

15Nov74 Wetherby Plucky Punter Hornshaw 4yo Novices Hurdle C Tinkler

16Nov74 Wetherby Wheatclose Thorp Arch Novices Hurdle G Griffin

19Nov74 Sedgefield Silver Teal Miss Belinda 3 yo Novices Hurdle C Tinkler

19Nov74 Sedgefield Prince Luna Miss Belinda 3 yo Novices Hurdle (Div II) T Stack

03Jan75 Ayr Wheatclose Trabboch Novices Hurdle T Stack

03Jan75 Ayr Prince Luna Trabboch Novices Hurdle (Div I) N Tinkler

07Jan75 Teesside Park Silver Teal Shotton 4yo Novices Hurdle N Tinkler

09Jan75 Doncaster Plucky Punter Fitzwilliam Opportunity Handicap Hurdle B Powell

11Jan75 Newcastle Prince Luna Mallard Novices Hurdle (Div II) N Tinkler

25Jan75 Doncaster Plucky Punter Butterscotch Handicap Hurdle Mr N Tinkler

24Feb75 Doncaster Plucky Punter Amateur Riders Hurdle Mr N Tinkler

22Mar75 Hexham Silver Teal William Hill Handicap Hurdle C Tinkler

22Mar75 Hexham Luck Allerwash Novices Chase C Tinkler

26Mar75 Catterick Pennina Toytop Plate E Hide

28Mar75 Doncaster Wheatclose Easter Apprentice Handicap K Lewis

31Mar75 Redcar Crook Of Devon Jesmond 2 yo Stakes E Hide

03Apr75 Teesside Park Burwell Ladbroke Middlesbrough Dragonara Handicap Stakes E Hide

03Apr75 Liverpool Pennina Croxteth 2 yo Plate E Hide

03Apr75 Teesside Park Naughty Pigeon Revival 2 yo Plate J Skilling

04Apr75 Teesside Park Wheatclose Mandale Apprentice Handicap T Walsh

07Apr75 Ayr Wheatclose Castlehill Apprentice Handicap T Walsh

08Apr75 Hamilton Wheatclose Auchinrath Apprentice Handicap T Walsh

11Apr75 Sedgefield Double Pearl Peterlee Novices Hurdle (Div II) C Tinkler

12Apr75 Hexham Luck Leazes Novices Chase C Tinkler

12Apr75 Hexham Silver Teal Michael Henderson Handicap Hurdle N Tinkler

16Apr75 Ripon Dutch May Hackfall Apprentice Stakes T Walsh

21Apr75 Edinburgh Sweet Nightingale Carberry 2yo Plate E Hide

24Apr75 Redcar Pennina Carlton 2yo Plate E Hide

24Apr75 Redcar Resin Scarborough 2yo Selling Stakes J Skilling

07May75 Wetherby Luck Ulleskelf Novices Chase C Tinkler

17May75 Newcastle Luck Megstone Novices Chase P Tuck

24May75 Doncaster Polly Peachum Amoco Handicap E Hide

24May75 Doncaster Scattered Scarlet Frickley 2yo Auction Stakes E Hide

26May75 Doncaster Naughty Pigeon Ranskill 2 yo Selling Stakes J Roe

26May75 Doncaster Silver Teal Joe Childs Apprentice Handicap Stakes T Walsh

27May75 Redcar Partridge Brook Marske 2yo Plate Tony Murray

05Jun75 Carlisle Hilliana Buttermere 2yo Selling Stakes S Salmon

07Jun75 Haydock Lochnager Bass Apprentices Handicap S Salmon

07Jun75 Haydock Scattered Scarlet Cock O The North Stakes E Hide

07Jun75 Haydock Resin Clan Stakes Claiming Race E Hide

10Jun75 Lanark Royal Duchess Coulter 2yo Plate E Hide

11Jun75 Newcastle Lochnager Northumberland 3yo Sprint Trophy B Raymond

12Jun75 Beverley Dutch Gold Bishop Burton Stakes T Walsh

12Jun75 Beverley Sweet Nightingale Robert B Massey Group 2 yo Trophy B Raymond

21Jun75 Ascot Lochnager Finch Decanter Stakes E Johnson

21Jun75 Ascot Scattered Scarlet Fenwolf 2yo Stakes B Raymond

23Jun75 Wolverhampton Shukran Dawkey Auction Plate G Duffield

28Jun75 Newcastle Pennina Chesters 2yo Stakes G Lewis

03Jul75 Beverley Gold Cheb Hornsea 2yo Fillies Plate J Seagrave

04Jul75 Haydock Partridge Brook Bettisfield 2 yo Plate B Raymond

04Jul75 Ripon Philmarnie Burneston 3yo Selling Stakes J Seagrave

05Jul75 Beverley Lazenby Keldgate Handicap J Seagrave

12Jul75 York Scattered Scarlet Black Duck Stakes B Raymond

17Jul75 Redcar Partridge Brook Ugthorpe 2 yo Plate B Raymond

17Jul75 Redcar Bustello Lealholm 3yo Plate C Tinkler

19Jul75 Liverpool Partridge Brook Lodge 2 yo Fillies Stakes T Walsh

19Jul75 Ripon Dutch May Keighley Apprentice Handicap Stakes J Buchanan

19Jul75 Liverpool Sweet Nightingale Great Altcar Stakes A Murray

24Jul75 Lanark Bustello Cleghorn Plate C Tinkler

01Aug75 Thirsk Scattered Scarlet Sessay Plate J Seagrave

05Aug75 Redcar Gold Cheb Bransdale 2yo Nursery Handicap M Thomas

09Aug75 Haydock Lazenby Red Rose 3yo Handicap B Raymond

11Aug75 Newcastle Shukran Morpeth Nursery Handicap G Baxter

12Aug75 Newcastle Sweet Nightingale Seaton Delaval Stakes B Raymond

12Aug75 Newcastle Red Marshall Tyne 3yo Maiden Plate B Raymond

15Aug75 Hamilton Bustello Clyde Stakes Handicap C Tinkler

16Aug75 Ripon Pennina Studley 2 yo Stakes J Seagrave

25Aug75 Ripon Dutch May Mallorie Handicap Stakes J Buchanan

30Aug75 Ripon Dutch May Markington Handicap J Buchanan

30Aug75 Ripon Philmarnie Crossgates Stakes E Hide

10Sep75 Doncaster Polly Peachum Sir Galtric Stakes E Hide

11Sep75 Doncaster Lazenby Alexandra 3yo Handicap E Hide

12Sep75 Doncaster Peterhof Bustino 3yo Maiden Plate J Seagrave

18Sep75 Ayr Dutch May Shaw Memorial Handicap J Buchanan

20Sep75 Ayr Oxton Lady Craigmore Selling Stakes G Baxter

25Sep75 Beverley Polly Peachum Raffingora Sprint Stakes E Hide

11Oct75 Ascot Lochnager Bovis Stakes Handicap E Johnson

11Oct75 York Lazenby Chesterfield Handicap T Walsh

15Oct75 Haydock Dutch May Butterfly 3yo Stakes J Buchanan

22Oct75 Liverpool Partridge Brook Ruswarp 2 yo Fillies Plate T Walsh

23Oct75 Carlisle Le Jet Harraby Novices Hurdle N Tinkler

28Oct75 Nottingham Shukran East Midland 2 yo Nursery Handicap B Raymond

05Nov75 Sedgefield Nutshell Croxdale Novices Hurdle (Div II) C Tinkler

08Nov75 Doncaster Lazenby Bilby Stakes E Hide

15Nov75 Wetherby Nutshell Thorp Arch Juvenile Novice Hurdle C Tinkler

09Dec75 Teesside Park Peterhof Wynyard Novices Hurdle C Tinkler

11Dec75 Carlisle Le Jet Caldbeck Novices Hurdle C Tinkler

26Dec75 Wetherby Peterhof Christmas 3yo Juvenile Hurdle C Tinkler

17Jan76 Newcastle Peterhof Shoveller Novices Hurdle JJ O'Neill

18Mar76 Cheltenham Peterhof Daily Express Triumph Hurdle JJ O'Neill

01Apr76 Teesside Park Aberklair Carlton 2yo Maiden Stakes E Hide

28Apr76 Newmarket Polly Peachum Palace House Stakes (Group 3) E Hide

15May76 Hamilton Hot Bird Machanshire 3yo Stakes LG Brown

15May76 Thirsk Gold Cheb Tresche 3yo Handicap A Proud

25May76 Lanark Indianira Carluke Stakes J Seagrave

31May76 Sandown Lochnager Temple Stakes E Hide

31May76 Redcar Whenby Sandhills Selling Stakes J Skilling

31May76 Redcar Resin Norseman Lager 3 yo Handicap E Johnson

01Jun76 Redcar Algora Northern Sprint Handicap S Salmon

04Jun76 Catterick Stanwick Maid Gilling Stakes J Seagrave

05Jun76 Catterick Hot Bird Teesside Caravans 3yo Handicap LG Brown

08Jun76 Hamilton Hemsworth Tennent Sprint Stakes E Hide

10Jun76 Beverley Polly Peachum Bishop Burton Sweepstakes E Hide

18Jun76 Ascot Lochnager Kings Stand Stakes E Hide

23Jun76 Ripon Tin Miner Melmberry 3yo Maiden Stakes E Hide

24Jun76 Newcastle Indianira Wallsend Handicap J Seagrave

25Jun76 Newcastle Lazenby Gosforth Park Cup E Hide

03Jul76 Beverley Quicks-The-Word Holderness 2 yo Stakes E Hide

03Jul76 Beverley Sunshun Lair Gate 2yo Selling Stakes N Crowther

08Jul76 Newmarket Lochnager July Cup E Hide

14Jul76 Redcar Hot Bird John Player 3yo Handicap S Salmon

14Jul76 Beverley Bernadine Scarborough Spa 2yo Selling Stakes J Seagrave

17Jul76 Ayr Resin Ailsa Craig 3yo Handicap J Reid

17Jul76 Ripon Turn The Corner Shipley 2yo Selling Stakes N Crowther

19Jul76 Ayr Habbershaw Burns 2yo Selling Stakes E Hide

20Jul76 Ayr Indianira Soutar Johnnie Handicap J Seagrave

26Jul76 Newcastle Indianira Craster Stakes J Seagrave

28Jul76 Goodwood Sweet Nightingale Singleton 3yo Handicap J Mercer

29Jul76 Carlisle Bombe Whinlater Stakes N Crowther

30Jul76 Thirsk Hot Bird Sutton 3yo Handicap E Hide

19Aug76 York Lochnager William Hill Sprint Championship E Hide

23Aug76 Carlisle Bombe Kendal Stakes N Crowther

26Aug76 Beverley Bombe Freemens Stakes B Raymond

28Aug76 Newcastle Mrs McArdy Westgate Stakes N Crowther

30Aug76 Newcastle Indianira Perkins Memorial Cup Handicap M Birch

03Sep76 Thirsk Mrs McArdy Barton Cottage Nursery N Crowther

04Sep76 Thirsk Imperial Jade Highflyer Stakes N Crowther

04Sep76 Thirsk Indianira Leysthorpe Handicap J Seagrave

08Sep76 Hamilton Bombe Avondale Stakes J Seagrave

09Sep76 Doncaster Mrs McArdy Prince Of Wales Nursery N Crowther

18Sep76 Ayr Whenby Crown Plus Two Apprentice Championship Nursery S Eccles

18Sep76 Ayr Fir's Hill Blackhouse 3yo Handicap E Hide

20Sep76 Edinburgh Marshall Haddington Stakes J Seagrave

22Sep76 Beverley Lazenby Raffingora Sprint Sweepstakes E Hide

24Sep76 Ascot Partridge Brook Michael Sorrell Handicap N Crowther

25Sep76 Redcar Mrs McArdy Jorrocks 2yo Fillies Stakes N Crowther

27Sep76 Hamilton Whenby Lord Hamilton of Dalzell Memorial Nursery C Eccleston

13Oct76 Wetherby Bennachie Thorp Arch Novices Hurdle JJ O'Neill

22Oct76 Doncaster Jon George October Maiden Stakes E Hide

25Oct76 Teesside Park Tudor Jig Wynward 2yo Stakes E Hide

26Oct76 Teesside Park Chartered Course Preston Park Maiden Stakes George Duffield

30Oct76 Catterick Easter Tinkle Picton Novices Hurdle P Maddison

04Nov76 Teesside Park Tudor Jig Lustrum Beck 2yo Stakes E Hide

04Nov76 Teesside Park Estate Agent Durham Stakes (Div II) E Hide

04Nov76 Teesside Park Chartered Course Durham Stakes (Div I) E Hide

05Nov76 Haydock Peterhof Lansdown 4 yo Hurdle C Tinkler

12Nov76 Wetherby Gaffer Hornshaw 4yo Novice Hurdle C Tinkler

19Nov76 Newcastle Gaffer Felton Novices Hurdle T Stack

11Jan77 Leicester Chartered Course Croxton Park Novices Hurdle N Tinkler

24Jan77 Teesside Park Chartered Course Bowes 4yo Novices Hurdle (Div II) N Tinkler

24Jan77 Teesside Park Estate Agent Bowes 4yo Novices Hurdle (Div I) T Stack

22Feb77 Sedgefield Doctor Win Billingham Novices Hurdle N Tinkler

05Mar77 Market Rasen Bennachie Victor Lucas Memorial Long Distance Novices Hurdle P Maddison

11Mar77 Teesside Park Le Jet Lamb Inn Steeplechase C Tinkler

24Mar77 Doncaster Tudor Jig Tote Spring Handicap E Hide

30Mar77 Catterick Maggydamus Oran Auction Stakes E Hide

04Apr77 Ayr Maggydamus Hillhouse Stakes E Hide

05Apr77 Ayr Working Girl Kidsneuk Stakes E Hide

05Apr77 Ayr Sizzler Greenan 3yo Stakes E Hide

09Apr77 Newcastle Maggydamus Cambois 2yo Fillies Stakes E Hide

11Apr77 Newcastle Tudor Jig Northern 3 yo Free Handicap E Hide

13Apr77 Newmarket Mrs McArdy Tote Free Handicap M Thomas

13Apr77 Cheltenham Peterhof Ronald Royds Hurdle Cheltenham C Tinkler

14Apr77 Lanark Whistling Jenny Dolphinton 2 yo Stakes D Shaw

16Apr77 Beverley Robin Brook Risby 3yo Maiden Stakes E Hide

28Apr77 Newmarket Mrs McArdy 1000 Guineas E Hide

07May77 Ayr Whistling Jenny Palace of Holyrood Stakes E Hide

21May77 Newmarket Lucky Lark Great Eastern 3yo Handicap R Still

07Jun77 Redcar Jon George Vaux Breweries Commemoration of the Royal Jubilee Sprint Handicap LC Parkes

18Jun77 Ascot Jon George Tote Sprint Trophy Handicap W Carson

05Jul77 Lanark Gold Revenge Carmichael 3yo Stakes O Gray

11Jul77 Edinburgh Mum's Song Castlemilk 2yo Fillies Stakes E Hide

16Jul77 Newmarket Mrs McArdy Fen Ditton Stakes E Hide

16Jul77 Ripon Indianira Keighley Apprentice Handicap J Bleasdale

27Jul77 Goodwood Whenby Singleton 3yo Handicap R Still

04Aug77 Pontefract Tin Miner August Handicap E Hide

13Aug77 Ripon Thorganby Variety Club Plate P Tulk

20Aug77 Nottingham Working Girl Leslie Marler Challenge Trophy George Duffield

25Aug77 Beverley Partridge Brook Le Tanneur Handicap C Dwyer

31Aug77 York Mrs McArdy Strensall Stakes E Hide

02Sep77 Chester Lucky Lark Mostyn Handicap C Moss

08Sep77 Doncaster Whenby Alexandra 3 yo Handicap E Hide

08Sep77 Doncaster Longcliffe Prince Of Wales Nursery George Duffield

09Sep77 Doncaster Jon George Portland Handicap W Carson

19Sep77 Edinburgh Whistling Jenny Prestonpans Nursery E Hide

23Sep77 Ayr Jon George Burmah-Castrol Oil Ayr Gold Cup Handicap B Raymond

15Oct77 Newmarket Jon George Highflyer Handicap B Raymond

15Oct77 Catterick Maggydamus Ilkley 2yo Fillies Stakes M Birch

17Oct77 Edinburgh By-Way Longniddry Stakes George Duffield

06Dec77 Wetherby Royal Pursuit Leeds 4 yo Novices Hurdle C Tinkler

13Dec77 Teesside Park Urser Wynward Novices Hurdle (Div 2) JJ O'Neill

24Dec77 Market Rasen Urser Accurate Junior Novice Hurdle (Div 2) N Tinkler

17Jan78 Wetherby Tudor Jig Healaugh 4yo Novices Hurdle JJ O'Neill

27Feb78 Huntingdon Royal Roseberry Ward Hill Handicap Chase C Tinkler

10Mar78 Teesside Park Tudor Jig Spring Fever Novices Hurdle JJ O'Neill

16Mar78 Hexham Luck Chollerford Steeplechase D Atkins

18Mar78 Newcastle Estate Agent Easington Handicap Hurdle T Stack

04Apr78 Ayr Fraserfield Boy Kidsneuk Stakes C Moss

21Apr78 Thirsk Mister Tim Juvenile Maiden Sales Stakes M Birch

27Apr78 Teesside Park Two Friendly Limber Selling Stakes C Moss

02May78 Newcastle Mister Tim John Jorrocks Auction Stakes C Storey

10May78 Hexham Royal Roseberry Dalton Novices Chase C Tinkler

27May78 Hexham Royal Roseberry Hilltop Novices Handicap Chase C Tinkler

30Jun78 Newcastle Whenby Gosforth Park Cup M Birch

07Jul78 Beverley King Pearl Welbred Stakes 3yo Handicap George Duffield

10Jul78 Edinburgh Bird's Custard Castlemilk Stakes C Moss

10Jul78 Edinburgh Fair Louise Cramond Handicap C Moss

15Jul78 Ayr Flitterdale Kyle of Bute Stakes M Roberts

24Jul78 Newcastle Coralita Wall 2yo Selling Stakes C Moss

29Jul78 Market Rasen Royal Roseberry Caistor Handicap Chase

07Aug78 Newcastle Hidden Secret Prudhoe Selling Stakes C Moss

10Sep78 Hexham Grange Spring Rising Sun 3yo Novices Hurdle C Tinkler

26Sep78 Sedgefield Royal Roseberry Bowburn Handicap Chase C Tinkler

23Oct78 Edinburgh Flitterdale Queensferry 2yo Nursery Handicap C Moss

10Nov78 Hexham Royal Roseberry Hadrian Handicap Chase C Tinkler

25Nov78 Wetherby Royal Roseberry Associated Tyre Specialist Handicap Chase

28Feb79 Wetherby Knockespoch Harewood Novices Hurdle (Div 2) C Tinkler

28Feb79 Wetherby Poker Player Harewood Novices Hurdle (Div 3) D Goulding

07Mar79 Catterick Poker Player Hornby Novices Hurdle (Div 3) D Goulding

12Mar79 Ayr Poker Player Slaphouse Novices Hurdle (Div 2) D Goulding

13Apr79 Phoenix Park Walter Osborne Fairview 2yo Maiden Race R Carroll

18Apr79 Ripon Wynburry Grewelthorpe 2yo Stakes T Lucas

25Apr79 Pontefract Cottam Rocket Wakefield 3 yo Maiden Stakes T Lucas

23May79 Ripon Longcliffe Stonebridgegate Stakes T Lucas

25May79 Haydock Cottam Rocket Chub 3yo Handicap M Thomas

04Jun79 Edinburgh Piethorne Burma 3yo Stakes T Lucas

13Jun79 Beverley Bias Westwood 3yo Handicap Stakes T Lucas

14Jun79 Beverley Happy Worker Etton Handicap Stakes T Lucas

18Jun79 Edinburgh Happy Worker Millerhill Handicap T Lucas

20Jun79 Beverley Spud King Holderness 2 yo Stakes T Lucas

06Jul79 Beverley Brian Borhu Beaver 2yo Stakes J Lowe

18Jul79 Redcar Errollston Ayton Stakes B Raymond

28Jul79 Beverley Happy Worker British Legion Club Handicap M Thomas

31Jul79 Redcar Grange Spring Sand Dune Plate T Lucas

03Aug79 Thirsk Gibbon Beldale Maiden Stakes M Birch

04Aug79 Thirsk Bias Bradford Handicap G Sexton

06Aug79 Ripon Cleveland Burniston Stakes B Raymond

06Aug79 Market Rasen Red Marshall Trent Novices Chase C Tinkler

10Aug79 Haydock Gibbon Matthew Peacock 3yo Handicap G Sexton

11Aug79 Newmarket Bias B & L Soft Lens stakes for Lady Riders Handicap Margaret Bell

27Aug79 Epsom Bird's Custard Bridget Handicap WR Swinburn

30Aug79 Beverley My Baby Love Freemen's Stakes M Birch

01Sep79 Ripon Mmitamus Thrust Petroleum 3 yo Handicap L Charnock

01Sep79 Chester Bias Ellis Barker Furs and Fashion Stakes Ladies Race Margaret Bell

04Sep79 Hamilton Francestra Townhead Handicap George Duffield

07Sep79 Haydock Skewsby Blackpool Maiden Stakes M Birch

08Sep79 Thirsk Nathaniel Phoenix Nursery Handicap A Bond

10Sep79 Hexham Royal Roseberry Newbiggin Novices Hurdle C Tinkler

14Sep79 Doncaster Bias Weighing Room Apprentice Plate R Sidebottom

17Sep79 Edinburgh Mmitamus Dalkeith Handicap M Birch

19Sep79 Ayr Cottam Rocket Kilbride Handicap M Birch

27Sep79 Pontefract Melba Toast Driffield All-Age Selling Stakes A Bond

29Sep79 Market Rasen Royal Roseberry Sutton Handicap Chase C Tinkler

09Oct79 Newcastle Skewsby Grenville 3 yo Stakes E Hide

17Oct79 Haydock Skewsby Oak Handicap E Hide

15Dec79 Catterick Three Ways Leeds 3 yo Juvenile Maiden Hurdle (Div 2) P Maddison

08Jan80 Stockton Skewsby Shotton Novices Hurdle P Tuck

08Jan80 Stockton Poker Player Easington Handicap Hurdle P Tuck

15Jan80 Wetherby Skewsby Healaugh Novices Hurdle P Tuck

21Jan80 Stockton Three Ways Bowes 4yo Novices Hurdle P Tuck

21Jan80 Stockton Broken Country Thorpe Handicap Hurdle P Tuck

25Jan80 Doncaster Poker Player January Handicap Hurdle P Tuck

09Feb80 Catterick Podzola Brough Novices Hurdle (Div II) P Tuck

20Feb80 Catterick Valuer Wensley 4yo Novice Hurdle D Goulding

01Mar80 Market Rasen Skewsby Newark Storage 4yo Hurdle P Tuck

28Mar80 Stockton Apple Wine Tees 3yo Maiden Stakes M Birch

31Mar80 Ayr Podzola Auchans Stakes M Birch

04Apr80 Newcastle Cottam Rocket Monkseaton Handicap Stakes T Lucas

08Apr80 Wetherby Three Ways Kestrel Lager Opportunity Handicap Hurdle G Bradley

26Apr80 Beverley Dutch Girl Leconfield Maiden Stakes T Lucas

07May80 Redcar Happy Worker Ugthorpe Stakes T Lucas

19May80 Nottingham Loyal Partner Bargain Buy Selling Hurdle P Tuck

06Jun80 Catterick Dutch Girl Jervaulx Handciap T Lucas

16Jun80 Edinburgh Cleveland Millerhill Handicap S Charlton

05Jul80 Beverley Walter Osborne Keldgate Handicap T Lucas

16Jul80 Catterick Pergoda Leyburn 2yo Maiden Stakes T Lucas

29Jul80 Chester Doubtwash Girl Combemere 2yo Maiden Fillies Stakes T Lucas

12Aug80 Nottingham Walter Osborne Lambley Handicap T Lucas

03Sep80 York Abrovian Rose Rous Selling Stakes T Lucas

17Sep80 Ayr Walter Osborne Kilbride Handicap T Lucas

29Sep80 Nottingham Zoilo Staunton 2yo Maiden Stakes T Lucas

08Oct80 York Walter Osborne Chesterfield Handicap K Hodgson

14Oct80 Redcar Cherry Corner Airy Hill 2yo Stakes T Lucas

17Oct80 Catterick Paltango Zetland 2yo Stakes T Lucas

28Oct80 Stockton Apple Wine Five Lamps Apprentice Handicap C Storey

01Nov80 Wetherby Happy Worker Hornshaw Novices Hurdle P Tuck

11Nov80 Stockton Apple Wine Miss Belinda 3yo Novices Hurdle D Goulding

21Nov80 Market Rasen Happy Worker Have-A-Care Long Distance Novice Hurdle P Tuck

26Nov80 Kelso B and K Emperor Kelso Ednam Novices Hurdle P Tuck

28Nov80 Leicester Mr Snugfit Pickwell 3 yo Novices Hurdle P Tuck

18Dec80 Southwell Three Ways Christmas Cake Novices Hurdle G Bradley

20Dec80 Doncaster Skewsby Night Nurse Handicap Hurdle P Tuck

24Dec80 Market Rasen Apple Wine Accurate Junior Novices Hurdle (Div I) D Goulding

24Dec80 Market Rasen My Timmy Accurate Junior Novices Hurdle (Div II) D Goulding

27Dec80 Newcastle Mr Snugfit Alnwick Castle Novices Hurdle R Lamb

19Jan81 Stockton Apple Wine Thorpe Handicap Hurdle P Tuck

19Jan81 Stockton Jane Roy Bowes Novice Handicap Hurdle P Tuck

23Jan81 Catterick Bally-Go Maltby Novices Hurdle P Tuck

26Jan81 Stockton My Timmy Oxbridge 4yo Novices Hurdle P Tuck

31Jan81 Doncaster Apple Wine Sporting Chronicle Brewers Hurdle P Tuck

03Feb81 Leicester Mizzenhead Charnwood Handicap Hurdle P Tuck

13Feb81 Sedgefield B and K Emperor Ryhope 4yo Novices Hurdle P Tuck

21Feb81 Newcastle My Timmy Minnow 4yo Novices Hurdle P Tuck

24Feb81 Sedgefield Estate Agent Tow Law Novice Chase P Tuck

24Feb81 Sedgefield Hyde Billingham Novices Hurdle (Div II) P Tuck

19Mar81 Hexham Urser Fallowfield Opportunity Handicap Hurdle G Bradley

27Mar81 Doncaster Apple Wine Brooke Bond Coffee Time Cup Elaine Mellor

30Mar81 Hexham Bally-Go Warden Novice Hurdle P Tuck

30Mar81 Hexham Mizzenhead Warden Novice Hurdle P Tuck

18Apr81 Newcastle Cottam Express Newcastle Selling Stakes T Lucas

29Apr81 Stockton Lady Stittenham Limber Selling Stakes C Storey

30Apr81 Catterick My Timmy Bridge Handicap T Lucas

01May81 Carlisle Gold Key High Stile Maiden Stakes T Lucas

12May81 York Walter Osborne David Dixon Sprint Trophy T Lucas

16May81 Redcar Glorious Skelton 3yo Handicap T Lucas

26May81 Redcar Lucky Dutch Wilton Maiden Stakes T Lucas

28May81 Carlisle Lucky Season Buttermere 2yo Stakes T Lucas

05Jun81 Haydock Steel Stockholder Ormskirk Maiden Auction Stakes T Lucas

24Jun81 Ripon Steel Stockholder Melmerby 2 yo Stakes T Lucas

06Jul81 Wolverhampton Dutch Girl St Swithins Handicap G Duffield

10Jul81 York Walter Osborne Rievaulx Sprint Trophy L Charnock

18Jul81 Ripon Dutch Girl Go Racing In Yorkshire Trainers Trophy Handicap W Newnes

18Jul81 Ripon Steel Stockholder Bradford Stakes T Lucas

29Jul81 Redcar Queen Of The Blues Highgrove Maiden Fillies Stakes M Birch

07Aug81 Redcar Nathaniel Cleveland Handicap T Lucas

29Aug81 Newcastle Cherry Corner Gallowgate Selling Stakes T Lucas

05Sep81 Thirsk Paltango Leysthorpe Handicap K Darley

15Sep81 Redcar Dutch Girl Glaisdale Handicap T Lucas

15Sep81 Redcar Erroll's Boy Sandsend Nursery Handicap T Lucas

15Sep81 Redcar Cherry Corner Runswick Bay Selling Stakes T Lucas

21Sep81 Edinburgh Walter Osborne Tote All-Age Sprint Stakes T Lucas

17Oct81 Catterick Doubtwash Girl Bingley Handicap Kevin Darley

21Nov81 Catterick Campton Goathland Novice Hurdle P Tuck

22Jan82 Catterick Apple Wine Manfield Handicap Hurdle D Goulding

30Jan82 Doncaster Bally-Go Yorkshire Handicap Hurdle D Swift

11Feb82 Huntingdon Bally-Go Longstanton Handicap Hurdle P Tuck

13Feb82 Catterick B and K Emperor Daily Mirror Conditional Jockeys Championship Hurdle Handicap I Grant

12Mar82 Ayr Hyde Daily Mirror Conditional Jockeys Championship Round 9 Handicap Hurdle D Dutton

23Mar82 Wetherby Under-Rated Angram 4yo Novice Hurdle Ridley Lamb

03Apr82 Liverpool B and K Emperor Lucky Jim Amateur Handicap R Beggan

14May82 Beverley Mel's Choice Beswick Handicap J Murray

18May82 Redcar Erroll's Boy Boro Promotions Handicap J Murray

05Jun82 Haydock Erroll's Boy Park Hall Apprentice 3 yo Handicap K Hodgson

21Jun82 Pontefract Nathaniel Batley Handicap K Hodgson

05Jul82 Edinburgh Grey Desire Glenfuir 2 yo Stakes J Murray

05Jul82 Pontefract Nathaniel Houghton Handicap J Seagrave

19Jul82 Redcar Top O'The North Philip Cornes Nickel Alloys Stakes J Murray

28Jul82 Goodwood Erroll's Boy Singleton Handicap Stakes J Murray

31Jul82 Thirsk Doubtwash Girl Directors Trophy Handicap Kevin Darley

26Aug82 Beverley Grey Desire Figham Stakes J Murray

30Aug82 Ripon Top O'The North Champion 2yo Trophy J Murray

30Aug82 Newcastle Sillager Hedgehope 2yo Maiden Stakes J Bleasdale

31Aug82 Ripon Wayward Polly Boroughbridge 2yo Selling Stakes J Murray

03Sep82 Haydock Mel's Choice Claude Harrison Memorial Challenge Trophy Handicap J Lowe

14Sep82 Redcar Grey Desire Sandsend Nursery Handicap J Murray

25Sep82 Redcar Mel's Choice H Geary Limited Handicap J Lowe

11Oct82 Pontefract Mick's Star Minor 2yo Nursery Handicap W Ryan

22Oct82 Doncaster Glorious Beechfield Handicap M Thomas

08Nov82 Hexham Sharp Tor Borcovicus Novices Hurdle P Tuck

27Nov82 Catterick Nathaniel Sinnington Novice Hurdle P Tuck

24Dec82 Market Rasen Nathaniel Accurate Novice Hurdle P Tuck

28Dec82 Wetherby Skewsby Knaresborough Handicap Hurdle P Tuck

28Dec82 Wetherby Duke Of Connaught Bradford Novices Hurdle (Div I) P Tuck

09Mar83 Catterick Mick's Ritual Hornby Novice Hurdle P Tuck

09Apr83 Liverpool B and K Emperor Ladbroke Amateur Handicap Hurdle Liverpool R Beggan

12Apr83 Sedgefield Mr Snugfit McDonagh Novice Chase P Tuck

16May83 Edinburgh Miss Mo Contitution Street 2yo Maiden Auction Stakes N Carlisle

18May83 Perth Gold Shoveler Dunblane Novices Chase P Tuck

27May83 Haydock Sillager Club 3yo Handicap W Carson

30May83 Wetherby B and K Emperor Headley Handicap Hurdle R Beggan

10Jun83 York Chapel Cottage University of York Turf Club Stakes Pat Eddery

20Jun83 Pontefract Airedale Travel Dewsbury 2yo Selling Stakes M Birch

24Jun83 Newcastle High State Camperdown 3yo Selling Handicap M Birch

02Jul83 Beverley Godolphin Keldgate Handicap W Ryan

02Jul83 Nottingham Wild Side Gedling Juvenile Stakes E Hide

05Jul83 Newmarket Chapel Cottage Cherry Hinton Stakes E Hide

23Jul83 Beverley Torski Humber Selling Stakes M Birch

05Sep83 Hexham Crammond Brig Grunwick Stakes NH Flat Race Mr T Easterby

05Sep83 Hexham Gold Shoveler Selbourne Engineering Handicap Chase P Tuck

05Sep83 Beverley Cottam Elite Scarborough Spa 2yo Nursery Selling Stakes Paul Eddery

16Sep83 Catterick Morene Sedbury 2yo Selling Stakes J Seagrave

20Sep83 Sedgefield Titan Wood Chilton and Windleston Working Mens Club Novices Chase P Tuck

18Oct83 Sedgefield Titan Wood Vaux Breweries Novices Chase Qualifier P Tuck

15Dec83 Southwell Mr Snugfit Christmas Stocking Handicap Chase P Tuck

16Dec83 Doncaster Bally-Go Merryman II Handicap Chase P Tuck

24Dec83 Sedgefield Mr Snugfit Bradbury Handicap Chase M Barnes

26Dec83 Wetherby B and K Emperor St John Ambulance Novices Chase R Beggan

26Dec83 Newcastle Bally-Go Northumbria Novices Chase P Tuck

31Dec83 Catterick Stearsby Mother Goose Novices Hurdle (Div II) P Tuck

01Jan84 Carlisle Skewsby Brandy Novices Chase Mr R Beggan

10Jan84 Leicester Mr Snugfit Breedon Handicap Chase G Bradley

10Jan84 Wetherby B and K Emperor Collingham Novices Chase R Beggan

10Jan84 Wetherby Sweet Colleen Healaugh 4yo Novices Hurdle A Dickman

12Jan84 Southwell Skewsby Welbeck Novices Chase P Tuck

18Jan84 Market Rasen Mick's Star Sleaford Novices Hurdle (Div I) A Dickman

11Feb84 Catterick B and K Emperor Scorton Novices Chase R Beggan

11Feb84 Catterick Mick's Ritual Scorton Novices Chase R J Beggan

17Feb84 Newcastle Urser Corbitt Sovereign Novice Hunter Chase R Beggan

12Mar84 Ayr Urser Ayrshire Hunters Challenge Cup R Beggan

19Mar84 Newcastle Lysimachus Matts Bank Novice Hurdle P Tuck

24Mar84 Newbury Urser Frostyface Hunter Chase T Thomson-Jones

13Apr84 Ayr Bally-Go Seafield Novice Chase C Grant

23Apr84 Wetherby Sweet Colleen Bilton Novices Hurdle A Dickman

05May84 Haydock Pokey Salford 2 yo Maiden Stakes K Hodgson

07May84 Doncaster Peckitt's Well NSPCC Centenary 2 yo Maiden Auction Stakes W Carson

12May84 Thirsk Lucky Dutch Boltby Apprentice Handicap M Hindley

26May84 Doncaster Airedale Travel Frickley 3 yo Selling Stakes M Hindley

28May84 Chepstow Urser Diners Club Mens Hunter Chase T Thomson-Jones

04Jun84 Edinburgh Princess Wendy Caledonian Racing Maiden Stakes M Hindley

05Jun84 Beverley Swiss Franc Sweety Royal Standard Maiden Fillies Stakes M Hindley

14Jun84 Beverley Lucky Dutch Grandstand Handicap M Hindley

02Jul84 Edinburgh Princess Wendy Old Course 2yo Stakes M Hindley

23Jul84 Pontefract Lucky Dutch Price Handicap M Hindley

27Jul84 Catterick Lucky Dutch A One Apprentice Handicap D Leadbitter

28Jul84 Beverley Fairways Girl City Of Hull Maiden Stakes M Birch

01Aug84 Redcar Lucky Dutch Hornleigh Handicap M Hindley

04Aug84 Thirsk Fairways Girl Bradford 2 yo Nursery Handicap M Birch

07Aug84 Redcar Fairways Girl Tontine Cellar bar Nursery Handicap M Birch

13Aug84 Nottingham Lucky Dutch Nottingham Stewards Cup Handicap M Hindley

18Aug84 Ripon Lucky Dutch Great St Wilfrid Handicap D Leadbitter

25Aug84 Market Rasen Happy Worker Skegness Novices Chase P Tuck

04Sep84 Southwell Happy Worker Gibsmore Novices Chase P Tuck

05Sep84 York Peckitt's Well Earl Of Stradbroke Nursery Handicap K Hodgson

08Sep84 Thirsk Fairways Girl Phoenix 2 yo Nursery Handicap M Hindley

10Sep84 Hexham Happy Worker Loadman Novices Chase P Tuck

21Sep84 Ayr Peckitt's Well Ladbroke Hotel Nursery Handicap K Hodgson

22Sep84 Ayr Bay Bazaar Top Flight Leisure Nursery Handicap M Hindley

28Sep84 Redcar Descartes 2 yo Scarborough Stakes M Hindley

29Sep84 Redcar Bitta Magic Reynard Nursery Selling Handicap D Nicholls

19Oct84 Newmarket Lucky Dutch Phantom House Handicap M Hindley

03Nov84 Newmarket Northern Parade Suffolk 2 yo Nursery Handicap R Hills

06Nov84 Sedgefield Merrywren Alexander 3yo Novice Hurdle P Tuck

14Nov84 Kelso Bickerstaffe Novice Hurdle P Tuck

31Dec84 Carlisle Mr Snugfit Whisky Handicap Chase P Tuck

31Dec84 Catterick Crammond Brig Barton Handicap Chase M Hindley

08Jan85 Kelso Miss Goldingay Maxton Novices Hurdle P Tuck

09Jan85 Kelso Bickerstaffe Maxton Novices Hurdle P Tuck

26Jan85 Ayr Crammond Brig Coral Golden Handicap Hurdle M Hindley

26Jan85 Ayr Miami Holiday Martnaham 4yo Novice Hurdle P Tuck

28Jan85 Leicester Mr Snugfit Trial Handicap Chase P Tuck

02Feb85 Wetherby Urser Foxhunters Chase K Reveley

26Feb85 Nottingham Mr Snugfit Long Eaton Handicap Chase P Tuck

26Feb85 Nottingham Mick's Star Ladbroke's Handicap Hurdle P Tuck

27Feb85 Wetherby Bally-Go Micklethwaite Handicap Hurdle P Tuck

02Mar85 Market Rasen Urser Beaumontcote Hunter Chase K Reveley

08Mar85 Carlisle Mr Snugfit Kendal Handicap Chase P Tuck

19Mar85 Nottingham Mr Snugfit Trent Handicap Chase P Tuck

01Apr85 Nottingham Shiela Crockatt Felstead Handicap George Duffield

03Apr85 Haydock Peckitt's Well Johnny Osborne 3 yo Handicap K Hodgson

04Apr85 Southwell Urser James Seely Memorial Trophy Hunter Chase T Thomson-Jones

06Apr85 Southwell Sharp Tor Ron Martin (Painter & Decorator) Handicap Hurdle R J Beggan

19Apr85 Thirsk Just A Bit Knayton Selling Stakes M Hindley

26Apr85 Thirsk Just A Bit Ness Selling Stakes M Hindley

09May85 Chester Fairways Girl Ladbrokes Hotels 3yo Handicap Stakes M Birch

27May85 Chepstow Urser Diners Club Gentlemans Championships (Hunter Chase) T Thomson-Jones

30May85 Catterick Tresidder Win with The Tote Maiden Stakes K Hodgson

31May85 Thirsk Security Pacific Miniott 2 yo Maiden Fillies Stakes M Hindley

14Jun85 York Peckitt's Well Freeman of York Apprentice Handicap Stakes G Brown

21Jun85 Redcar St Sepulchre Liverton 2 yo Stakes K Hodgson

22Jun85 Redcar Paris Trader Newton 3yo Selling Handicap M Hindley

29Jun85 Newcastle St Sepulchre Durham 2 yo Stakes K Hodgson

01Jul85 Edinburgh Don't Tell Me Levy Board Apprentice 3yo Stakes S Hustler

06Jul85 Beverley Nippy Chippy Lairgate 2 yo Stakes D Nicholls

13Jul85 Ayr Balindalloch Ailsa Craig Handicap K Hodgson

16Jul85 Ayr Balindalloch Dumfries Handicap K Hodgson

17Jul85 Hamilton Tingle Bell Bonnington Selling Stakes L Charnock

18Jul85 Hamilton Balindalloch Lee Handicap K Hodgson

19Jul85 Thirsk Skelton Tinkler 2yo Selling Stakes M Hindley

20Jul85 Ripon Balindalloch Skipton Handicap K Hodgson

14Aug85 Catterick Tresidder Skyram Handicap K Hodgson

26Aug85 Newcastle Goose Hill Leaf Selling Stakes M Birch

06Sep85 Haydock Skelton Birkdale Selling Stakes M Hindley

07Sep85 Thirsk St Sepulchre Phoenix 2 yo Nursery Handicap K Hodgson

12Sep85 Doncaster Catherine's Well Devonshire Selling Stakes K Hodgson

17Sep85 Yarmouth Meneghini Rose Brooke Selling Stakes G Baxter

20Sep85 Ayr St Sepulchre Ladbroke Hotel Nursery Handicap K Hodgson

05Oct85 Haydock Paris Trader Sale Selling Stakes M Hindley

08Oct85 Newcastle Tresidder Heathfield Handicap M Hindley

02Nov85 Newmarket Catherine's Well Suffolk Nursery Handicap Claiming Race K Hodgson

08Nov85 Doncaster Catherine's Well Normandy Beaches Handicap G Carter

07Dec85 Nottingham Paris Trader Candle Meadow Novice Hurdle R O'Leary

09Dec85 Catterick Paris Trader Leeds Juvenile 3yo Novices Hurdle R O'Leary

27Dec85 Wetherby Mick's Star Knaresbrough Handicap Hurdle P Tuck

02Jan86 Cheltenham Mick's Star Robinson Handicap Hurdle P Tuck

07Mar86 Market Rasen Descartes Cranwell Selling Hurdle S Charlton

07Mar86 Carlisle Half Brother Wigton Novice Hurdle P Tuck

29Mar86 Carlisle Half Brother Warwick Novice Hurdle R J Beggan

01Apr86 Wetherby Half Brother Deighton Novice Hurdle P Tuck

12Apr86 Beverley Golden Guilder Robin Pulford 3yo Handicap K Hodgson

14Apr86 Wetherby Bickerstaffe Keighley Handicap Hurdle P Tuck

19Apr86 Ayr Urser Harry Fairbairn Hunter Chase T Thomson-Jones

30Apr86 Newcastle Goose Hill Northern 3yo Handicap K Hodgson

03May86 Haydock Gold Duchess Stockport Handicap L Charnock

21May86 Ripon Hudson's Mews Kirkgate 3yo Handicap K Hodgson

23May86 Haydock Linn O'Dee St Helens Maiden Fillies Stakes K Hodgson

23May86 Haydock Pannanich Wells Be Friendly Handicap W Carson

29May86 Catterick Sandall Park Grinton 2yo Stakes K Hodgson

06Jun86 Haydock Gillot Bar Ormskirk Maiden Auction Stakes K Hodgson

07Jun86 Haydock Golden Guilder Daresbury Handicap L Charnock

10Jun86 Hamilton Hudson's Mews Mactaggart Mickel 3yo Handicap K Hodgson

12Jun86 Beverley Real Rustle Etton Selling Stakes M Birch

13Jun86 Beverley Wiganthorpe Massey Europower 2yo Trophy T Lucas

18Jun86 Beverley Bad Payer Middleton Selling Stakes M Birch

23Jun86 Pontefract Master Pokey Juvenile 2yo Maiden Auction Stakes M Birch

26Jun86 Newcastle Wiganthorpe Chesters 2 yo Stakes (walked over) T Lucas

05Jul86 Haydock Wiganthorpe Cock O' The North Stakes T Lucas

12Jul86 Chester Wiganthorpe Eccleston Stakes T Lucas

29Jul86 Redcar Black Bank Tontine Cellar Bar Handicap K Hodgson

01Aug86 Thirsk Bad Payer Challenge Cup 2 yo Nursery Handicap K Darley

08Aug86 Haydock Jays Special Manchester Evening News Nursery Handicap L Charnock

11Aug86 Newcastle Catherine's Well Northumberland Sprint Trophy 3 yo Handicap G Carter

16Aug86 Ripon Catherine's Well Great St Wilfrid Handicap G Carter

20Aug86 York Wiganthorpe Scottish Equitable Gimcrack Stakes W Carson

22Aug86 Newmarket Catherine's Well Buxted Handicap G Carter

26Aug86 Ripon Dohty Baby Boroughbridge 2yo Selling Stakes B Thomson

27Aug86 Yarmouth Nippy Chippy Holiday Playground Selling Handicap G Baxter

28Aug86 Beverley Catherine's Well Max Jaffa Sprint Handicap G Carter

01Sep86 Hamilton Harry Hull Grundfor Pump 3yo Maiden Stakes T Lucas

06Sep86 Thirsk Master Pokey Rush & Tomkins Trophy (Nursery Handicap) A Proud

13Sep86 Doncaster Master Pokey Holstein Movaria Nursery Handicap M Birch

20Sep86 Ayr Imperial Sunrise Craigmore Selling Stakes P Robinson

25Sep86 Beverley Linn O'Dee Brompton Nursery Handicap M Birch

07Nov86 Doncaster Sandall Park Normandy Beaches Nursery Handicap L Charnock

08Dec86 Catterick Hurricane Henry Leeds Juvenile 3yo Novice Hurdle R J Beggan

31Dec86 Catterick Tresidder Mother Goose Novices Hurdle P Tuck

30Jan87 Ayr Really Honest Barr Novice Hurdle (Div I) L Wyer

07Feb87 Wetherby Mick's Star Skipton Novice Chase Lorcan Wyer

21Feb87 Newcastle Tresidder Bream Novice Hurdle L Wyer

04Mar87 Wetherby Hurricane Henry Harewood 4yo Novices Hurdle R J Beggan

14Mar87 Ayr Tresidder Lady Isle Handicap Hurdle P Tuck

21Apr87 Wetherby Lake Valentina Easingwold Novice Hurdle C Grant

25Apr87 Hexham Really Honest Yarridge Novices Hurdle (Div II) C Grant

07May87 Chester Eight Mile Rock Ladbroke 3yo Handicap L Charnock

25May87 Hexham Really Honest Claiming Hurdle C Grant

10Jul87 Chester Linn O'Dee Red Deer Handicap L Charnock

27Jul87 Newcastle Mowthorpe Daily Mail Top O' The North Racing Nursery Handicap D Nicholls

01Aug87 Market Rasen Madison Girl Gainsborough Maiden Hurdle R J Beggan

03Aug87 Ripon Golden Flats Merry go Round Handicap Stakes T Lucas

11Aug87 Nottingham Young Snugfit Lambley Handicap Stakes T Lucas

13Aug87 Catterick Mowthorpe Canberra Nursery Handicap J Lowe

28Aug87 Newcastle Rose Sundae Armada 2yo Handicap L Charnock

24Sep87 Beverley Golden Flats Brompton Nursery Handicap K Darley

26Sep87 Redcar Imperial Sunrise Northern Machine Tools Handicap L Charnock

28Sep87 Carlisle Oxford Place Hurdle R J Beggan

28Sep87 Hamilton Prospect Place Whistleberry EBF Stakes 3yo L Charnock

03Oct87 Kelso Danensian Melrose 3yo Novice Hurdle R J Beggan

13Oct87 Redcar Young Snugfit Brotton Seafoods Handicap T Lucas

14Oct87 Wetherby Oxford Place Goldsborough 3yo Novice Hurdle R J Beggan

17Oct87 Newmarket Master Pokey Phamtom House Handicap L Charnock

05Dec87 Wetherby Young Snugfit Thorp Arch Novices' Hurdle R J Beggan

05Dec87 Wetherby Mick's Star Supermaster Handicap Chase P Tuck

24Dec87 Wetherby Waterdale Christmas Novice Hurdle P Tuck

28Dec87 Wetherby Sawdust Jack Bradford Novices' Hurdle (3YO) P Tuck

20Feb88 Newcastle Sawdust Jack Parade Ring Raceline Hurdle C Hawkins

23Feb88 Sedgefield Almondbury Bet With The Tote Novice Chase Mr T Thomson-Jones

24Feb88 Catterick Tresidder Leyburn Novices Chase L Wyer

05Mar88 Market Rasen Young Snugfit Newark Storage Juvenile Hurdle Lorcan Wyer

11Mar88 Market Rasen Skinnhill Swinderby Claiming Novices' Hurdle L Wyer

12Mar88 Doncaster Foston Tickhill Novices Hurdle (Div I) A Webb

31Mar88 Hamilton Prospect Place Middleward Handicap D Nicholls

02Apr88 Haydock Crimpsall Warrington Selling Stakes B Raymond

04Apr88 Market Rasen Tresidder Chase Amateur Riders' Novices' Chase Mr T Thomson Jones

04Apr88 Market Rasen Skinnhill The Lodge Novices' Hurdle Race Mr T Thomson-Jones

05Apr88 Wetherby Lake Valentina raceARound Yorkshire Handicap Hurdle C Grant

13Apr88 Ripon Crackle Moor Danby Selling Stakes (Div II) D Nicholls

15Apr88 Thirsk Crimpsall Knayton Selling Stakes George Duffield

16Apr88 Ayr Young Snugfit Seagram 100 Pipers Championship Final Novices' Hurdle R J Beggan

10May88 York Master Pokey Paul Caddick and MacGay Sprint Trophy M Roberts

20May88 Newmarket Master Pokey Brandon Handicap S Cauthen

30May88 Doncaster Northern Line EBF Vyner Maiden Stakes D Nicholls

08Jun88 Beverley Northern Line Hilary Needler Trophy D Nicholls

24Jun88 Doncaster Sunday Sport Boy Stockil Graduation Claiming Stakes D Nicholls

24Jun88 Newcastle Leg Before EBF Brandling Maiden Stakes D Nicholls

04Jul88 Musselburgh Sunday Sport Boy Dunbar Handicap George Duffield

15Jul88 Thirsk Pelham Place Mary Reveley Maiden Stakes George Duffield

16Jul88 Ripon Sunday Sport Boy M.I.M. Britannia Trainers Challenge Handicap D Nicholls

22Jul88 Ayr Crackle Moor Monkwood Handicap Alan Munro

23Jul88 Newcastle On The Prowl Coupland Selling Stakes D Nicholls

25Jul88 Newcastle Crackle Moor Bells Scotch Whisky Handicap Kieren Fallon

30Jul88 Market Rasen Really Honest Brigg Handicap Hurdle C Grant

02Aug88 Leicester Miss Pokey Molyneux Selling Stakes Richard Hills

03Aug88 Pontefract Too Eager Tattersalls Tanshelf Maiden Auction Stakes M Birch

05Aug88 Redcar Gushy Bedale Selling Stakes Ray Cochrane

05Aug88 Market Rasen Mowthorpe Langworth Juvenile Novices' Hurdle R J Beggan

20Aug88 Sandown Sunday Sport Boy Air Europe Stakes Handicap Group G.S. Handicap M Roberts

29Aug88 Newcastle Break Loose Leaf Selling Stakes Gary Carter

05Sep88 Nottingham Gushy Denis Coxon Nursery M Roberts

10Oct88 Ayr Harry Hull Top Flight Leisure Handicap J Lowe

14Oct88 Catterick Passage East Hornby Castle Selling Stakes (Div I) J Bleasdale

02Nov88 Musselburgh Auntie Di Tennents Export Ale Maiden Auction Stakes M Birch

19Nov88 Catterick Monastic Habit Goathland 3yo Novice Hurdle N Doughty

26Nov88 Market Rasen Yaheeb Market Rasen Novices Hurdle M Brennan

26Nov88 Market Rasen Mick's Star Teesdale/Toshiba Grand National Trial Handicap Chase G McCourt

07Dec88 Catterick Yaheeb Streetlam Novices' Hurdle (Div I) Ger Lyons

13Dec88 Sedgefield Tresidder Hope Inn Handicap Chase G Lyons

17Dec88 Ayr Tresidder Tairlaw Handicap Chase G Lyons

18Dec88 Haydock Sawdust Jack Beeches Farm Conditional Jockeys Handicap Hurdle C Ryan

26Dec88 Market Rasen Yaheeb Accurate Novices' Hurdle Ger Lyons

01Jan89 Catterick Royal Estimate Mother Goose Novices' Hurdle R Marley

17Jan89 Sedgefield Senator Snugfit Cassop Novices Hurdle C Ryan

21Jan89 Kempton Park Yaheeb Middlesex Novices' Hurdle G McCourt

23Jan89 Musselburgh Macarthur I Wallyford Novices' Handicap Hurdle G McCourt

28Jan89 Doncaster Blakes Son Brewers Hurdle R J Beggan

04Feb89 Wetherby Blakes Son Acomb Novices' Hurdle Lorcan Wyer

07Mar89 Sedgefield Tresidder Robin And John Simpson Memorial Handicap Chase L Wyer

13Mar89 Southwell Andros Prince Kersall Selling Hurdle L Wyer

14Mar89 Sedgefield Macarthur I Darlington Novices' Hurdle C Ryan

16Mar89 Hexham Sawdust Jack Fallowfield Conditional Jockeys Handicap Hurdle C Ryan

28Mar89 Wetherby Crackle Moor Bilton Novices' Hurdle R J Beggan

01Apr89 Hexham Andros Prince Sandhoe (Amateur Riders) Novice Hurdle Mrs S Mason

12Apr89 Ascot Yaheeb Lily Tree Novices' Hurdle R J Beggan

14Apr89 Thirsk Eastern Ember Knayton Selling Stakes George Duffield

01May89 Doncaster Wanda Wiseton Maiden Auction Stakes W Carson

09May89 Chester Eastern Ember Prince Of Wales Handicap J Carter

15May89 Hamilton Gushy Lord Lyndoch Claiming Stakes K Darley

10Jun89 Catterick Puffy BBC Radio Cleveland Maiden Stakes Kevin Darley

16Jun89 York Royal Estimate Mail On Sunday Three Year Old Series Handicap R Fox

24Jun89 Ayr Royal Estimate Belmont Handicap G Duffield

24Jun89 Redcar Sandhurst Lass Liverton Selling Stakes Willie Ryan

17Jul89 Ayr Too Eager Dumfries Handicap Kevin Darley

03Aug89 Pontefract Golden Flats Go Racing In Yorkshire Handicap K Darley

26Aug89 Newcastle Saturn Man Gallowgate Selling Stakes S Perks

29Aug89 Ripon Golden Flats Tote Credit Sprint Handicap K Darley

30Aug89 Redcar Golden Flats Suter Handicap K Darley

14Sep89 Doncaster Puffy Devonshire Selling Stakes Kevin Darley

23Sep89 Market Rasen Blakes Son Easby Abbey Handicap Hurdle R J Beggan

26Sep89 Nottingham Golden Flats Courtaulds Chemicals Sprint Handicap K Darley

29Sep89 Haydock Golden Flats Stanley Clubs Handicap K Darley

17Oct89 Ayr Puffy Midsands Selling Stakes Kevin Darley

21Oct89 Wetherby Houghton Carlsberg Novices' Hurdle C Grant

29Nov89 Hexham Houghton Seagram 100 Pipers Championship Qualifier Three Years Old Novices' Hurdle C Grant

26Dec89 Sedgefield Mowthorpe St Stephen Handicap Hurdle C Ryan

27Dec89 Wetherby Military Honour Bramham Novices' Handicap Hurdle Ger Lyons

03Jan90 Sedgefield Sawdust Jack Hamsterley Novices' Chase Ger Lyons

03Jan90 Ayr Andros Prince Stair Handicap Hurdle L Wyer

13Jan90 Market Rasen Foston Spalding Amateur Riders' Novices' Chase Mr P McMahon

10Feb90 Ayr Diego Rivera Ladbroke Novices' Handicap Hurdle R J Beggan

03Mar90 Market Rasen Merano Victor Lucas Memorial Long Distance Novices' Hurdle Steve Smith-Eccles

30Mar90 Beverley Little Flasher Scarborough Spa Selling Stakes Kevin Darley

02Apr90 Nottingham Little Flasher Aboyeur Selling Stakes Kevin Darley

30Apr90 Pontefract Gushy Tote Credit Selling Handicap K Darley

26May90 Doncaster Master Pokey Priory Place Handicap R Cochrane

12Jun90 Pontefract Gushy Grove Selling Handicap K Darley

05Jul90 Catterick Too Eager Rambling Rose Handicap Kevin Darley

05Jul90 Catterick Daily Sport Boy Silver Birch Selling Stakes Kevin Darley

06Jul90 Haydock Ricketty Frank Wootton Selling Stakes Kevin Darley

07Jul90 Nottingham Master Pokey Home Brewery Gold Tankard Handicap M Roberts

11Jul90 Redcar Fabricious South Gare Claiming Stakes D Nicholls

17Jul90 Ayr Master Pokey Tote Bookmakers Sprint M Roberts

17Jul90 Beverley Fabricious Toshiba Nursery Kevin Darley

20Jul90 Thirsk Keep Bidding Westhorpe Handicap Billy Newnes

21Jul90 Southwell Miss Calculate Weaver Carpets Selling Stakes M Roberts

22Jul90 Ayr Too Eager Ailsa Craig Handicap Kevin Darley

28Jul90 Newcastle Fabricious Coupland Selling Stakes Kevin Darley

28Jul90 Southwell Where's Carol Vermouth Selling Stakes Alan Munro

01Aug90 Southwell Miss Calculate Business Magazine Group Selling Stakes (Div I) M Birch

11Aug90 Southwell Where's Carol Osprey Nursery Kevin Darley

15Aug90 Southwell Where's Carol Opal Claiming Stakes (Div I) M Birch

15Aug90 Southwell Miss Calculate Opal Claiming Stakes (Div II) M Birch

15Aug90 Southwell No Decision Ambulink Claiming Stakes Kieren Fallon

28Aug90 Ripon Wanda Curfew Handicap Pat Eddery

18Sep90 Sedgefield Keep Bidding Staindrop Novices' Hurdle R Marley

15Oct90 Hexham Keep Bidding Beacon Novices' Hurdle R Marley

20Oct90 Catterick Fabricious Moulton Selling Stakes (Div II) Kevin Darley

06Nov90 Hamilton Too Eager Final Selling Stakes K Darley

20Nov90 Southwell Little Flasher Trent Navigation Nursery Kevin Darley

26Dec90 Market Rasen Sawdust Jack C. F. Rawlinson 'fine Drainage' Handicap Chase R Marley

29Dec90 Newcastle Military Honour Coral Handicap Hurdle R Marley

12Jan91 Newcastle Macarthur I Heron Novices' Handicap Chase R Marley

26Jan91 Doncaster Tresidder Mansion House Handicap Chase P Niven

26Jan91 Ayr Royal Estimate Colmonell Novices' Hurdle R Marley

23Feb91 Doncaster Royal Estimate South Yorkshire Novices' Handicap Hurdle R Marley

25Feb91 Doncaster Royal Estimate Princess Royal Handicap Hurdle R Marley

27Feb91 Wetherby Sawdust Jack East Keswick Handicap Chase Peter Niven

05Mar91 Sedgefield Macarthur I Reg Boyle Bookmaker Novices' Chase R Marley

09Mar91 Doncaster Houghton Doncaster Handicap Hurdle C Ryan

09Mar91 Market Rasen Blakes Son Bet With Tote Novices' Chase Qualifier G McCourt

16Mar91 Newcastle Houghton Kingston Park Handicap Hurdle C Ryan

27Mar91 Catterick Too Eager Springtime Handicap Kevin Darley

04Apr91 Aintree Merano Oddbins Hurdle Handicap G McCourt

06Apr91 Aintree Macarthur I Chivas Regal Amateur Riders Novices' Chase Handicap Mr S Swiers

08Apr91 Newcastle Too Eager Westminster Motor Taxi Insurance Handicap Kevin Darley

19Apr91 Thirsk Branston Abby EBF Briton Maiden Stakes George Duffield

04May91 Thirsk Conned Again Market Place Median Auction Maiden Stakes J Fanning

14May91 York Poolesta EBF Zetland Maiden Fillies Stakes Kevin Darley

16May91 Huntingdon Final Player Papworth Novices' Handicap Chase G McCourt

03Jun91 Leicester Conned Again Swannington Claiming Stakes Ray Cochrane

22Jun91 Redcar Conned Again Liverton Selling Stakes G Hind

21Jul91 Nottingham Conned Again Kromagraphic Presentation Claiming Stakes L Dettori

31Jul91 Catterick Catherine's Well Levy Board Apprentice Handicap P Johnson

31Jul91 Southwell Where's Ruth Apollo Selling Stakes L Charnock

10Aug91 Southwell Molten Copper Imi Santon Nursery G Hind

24Aug91 Newcastle Owt On Thomas Lonsdale Gallagher Handicap L Charnock

31Aug91 Ripon Catherine's Well Win With Webb Seal Apprentice Handicap Stakes P Johnson

05Sep91 York Molten Copper Haxby Nursery S Maloney

09Sep91 Ripon Royal Estimate Ladysmith Busywear Handicap Stakes Paul Eddery

21Sep91 Market Rasen Springdale Hall Winnard And Colquhoun Juvenile Novices' Hurdle Peter Niven

27Nov91 Hexham Merano Riding Mill Novices' Chase G McCourt

03Dec91 Newcastle Sawdust Jack Silver Blaze Handicap Chase Peter Niven

03Dec91 Newcastle Coulton A Study In Scarlet Novices' Hurdle C Ryan

26Dec91 Market Rasen Macarthur I St Nicholas Handicap Chase Mr S Swiers

26Dec91 Wetherby Merano Boroughbridge Novices' Chase Lorcan Wyer

01Jan92 Catterick Senator Snugfit Robinson Crusoe Novices' Chase Lorcan Wyer

10Jan92 Wetherby Senator Snugfit Collingham Novices' Chase R Dunwoody

10Jan92 Wetherby Coulton Whixley 'National Hunt' Novices' Hurdle G McCourt

21Jan92 Nottingham Silver Stick Stop Gap Novices' Handicap Hurdle C Grant

21Jan92 Nottingham Macarthur I Bonnington Handicap Chase G McCourt

18Feb92 Sedgefield Senator Snugfit Bet With Tote Novices' Chase Qualifier (Div I) P Midgley

18Feb92 Sedgefield Blakes Son Shotton Handicap Chase Russ Garritty

20Feb92 Catterick Tresidder Greta Bridge Handicap Chase R Garrity

28Feb92 Haydock Macarthur I Calypso Handicap Chase R Dunwoody

06Mar92 Market Rasen Tresidder Waddington Conditional Jockeys Handicap Chase P Midgley

26Mar92 Wolverhampton Penny Hasset Primrose Handicap M Birch

04Apr92 Aintree Coulton Janneau Mersey Novices' Hurdle Grade 2 G McCourt

16Apr92 Ripon Tolls Choice Kirby Hill Handicap John Lowe

22Apr92 Catterick Penny Hasset Aspiring Jockeys Apprentice Handicap J Marshall

24Apr92 Carlisle Penny Hasset Peregrine Falcon Handicap T Lucas

28Apr92 Sedgefield Silver Stick South West Durham Hospice Appeal Novices' Handicap Hurdle C Grant

02May92 Hexham Macarthur I Tant Pis Handicap Chase N Bentley

02May92 Uttoxeter Coulton St Modwen Staffordshire Hurdle (Grade 2) Jamie Osborne

06May92 Wetherby Tresidder Church Fenton Conditional Jockeys' Handicap Chase M Fitzgerald

07May92 Carlisle Penny Hasset Crummock Water Handicap T Lucas

18May92 Musselburgh Penny Hasset Lothian Apprentice Handicap J Marshall

25May92 Wetherby Silver Stick Bilbrough Novices' Handicap Hurdle D Bentley

25May92 Doncaster Catherine's Well Shadwell Stud Apprentice Series Handicap J Marshall

15Jul92 Catterick Catherine's Well Joshua Tetley Handicap K Darley

30Jul92 Hamilton Penny Hasset Gaetan Billiard Champagne Fillies Sprint Apprentice Handicap J Marshall

11Sep92 Doncaster Catherine's Well Prince Of Wales Handicap T Lucas

17Sep92 Ayr Benzoe Tattersalls Maiden Auction Series Stakes Qualifier T Lucas

28Sep92 Hamilton Blanc Seing Captain J. C. Stewart Memorial Handicap T Lucas

30Sep92 Sedgefield Silver Stick R. Collins Seafoods Ltd Handicap Hurdle C Grant

09Oct92 Carlisle Silver Stick Kirkby Stephen Handicap Hurdle C Grant

26Nov92 Carlisle Yaheeb Libra Gravure Cylinders Novices' Chase G McCourt

18Dec92 Catterick Macarthur I North East Bus Ltd Handicap Chase Russ Garritty

19Dec92 Newcastle Merano Grouse Handicap Chase G McCourt

17Feb93 Southwell Our Survivor Queens Sconce Claiming Hurdle Russ Garritty

20Feb93 Nottingham Coulton Tote City Trial Hurdle Limited Handicap Mark Dwyer

12Mar93 Worcester Tresidder Redhill Handicap Chase Peter Hobbs

20Mar93 Newcastle Knayton Prospect Rothbury 'national Hunt' Novices' Hurdle Lorcan Wyer

22Mar93 Newcastle Houghton Brunton Novices' Chase Lorcan Wyer

27Mar93 Sedgefield Tresidder County Durham Development Company Handicap Chase M Dwyer

30Mar93 Newcastle Penny Hasset Go West Sprint Handicap T Lucas

06Apr93 Pontefract Penny Hasset Barbican Limited Stakes T Lucas

20May93 Newcastle Covent Garden Girl 1856 British Guiana 1 Cent Three Year Old Handicap L Charnock

22May93 Carlisle Covent Garden Girl Carlisle Mitsubishi Handicap T Lucas

11Jun93 York Catherine's Well Stones Best Bitter Handicap K Darley

19Jun93 Beverley Lida's Delight 'quest For Knowledge' Sprint Handicap T Lucas

23Jun93 Carlisle Master Pokey Castle Carrock Handicap P Johnson

30Jun93 Catterick Hasta La Vista Northern Echo Handicap L Charnock

30Jun93 Catterick Lady Sheriff Greta Bridge Selling Stakes T Lucas

02Jul93 Beverley Knayton Lass Tryton 'Toad In Hole' Maiden Stakes T Lucas

16Jul93 Thirsk Catherine's Well Back A Winner By TrainTote Handicap T Lucas

28Jul93 Catterick Hasta La Vista Aries Handicap L Charnock

12Aug93 Beverley Lady Sheriff St John Ambulance Claiming Stakes T Lucas

09Oct93 York Benzoe Coral Sprint Trophy Handicap T Lucas

29Oct93 Wetherby Auburn Boy EBF 'National Hunt' Novices' Hurdle Qualifier Lorcan Wyer

06Nov93 Newcastle Coulton Swift Novices' Chase Lorcan Wyer

11Nov93 Wetherby Golden Savannah John Gosden Owners Juvenile Novices' Hurdle J Driscoll

13Nov93 Wetherby Coulton Bobby Renton Memorial Novices' Chase Lorcan Wyer

20Nov93 Aintree Coulton Tote Bookmakers Novices' Chase Lorcan Wyer

17Dec93 Catterick Tresidder Cleveland Medical Laboratories Ltd Handicap Chase R Garrity

31Dec93 Catterick Issyin Zetland Novices' Handicap Chase Russ Garritty

04Feb94 Southwell Hasta La Vista Mansfield Handicap Kevin Darley

11Feb94 Southwell Hasta La Vista Milky Way Handicap L Dettori

16Mar94 Sedgefield Tresidder Ceddesfeld Hall Handicap Chase Mr S Swiers

21Mar94 Newcastle Silver Stick Brunton Novices' Chase Russ Garritty

04Apr94 Wetherby Silver Stick Huddersfield Novices' Chase Russ Garritty

26Apr94 Wetherby Silver Stick Bramham Novices' Handicap Chase Russ Garritty

21May94 Catterick Maid O'Cannie Aldbrough Rating Related Maiden Stakes T Lucas

11Jun94 Leicester Penny Hasset Mercury Night Fillies' Handicap S Maloney

14Jun94 Thirsk Stuffed Sutton Selling Stakes T Lucas

16Jun94 Ripon Tolls Choice Northallerton Apprentice Selling Handicap C Munday

20Jul94 Redcar Castletown Count Hartlepool Selling Stakes Dean McKeown

25Aug94 Musselburgh Able Sheriff Salamanca Selling Stakes L Charnock

03Nov94 Uttoxeter Silver Stick Mason Richards Handicap Chase For Tom Curran Memorial Trophy Russ Garritty

16Mar95 Hexham Flat Top Coastley Novices' Hurdle J Driscoll

27Mar95 Nottingham Issyin Daybrook Handicap Chase Russ Garritty

17Apr95 Wetherby Silver Stick Wetherby Handicap Chase Russ Garritty

18Apr95 Wetherby Aljadeer Cruckley Animal Farm Novices' Hurdle J Driscoll

20Apr95 Ayr Auburn Boy W. G. Walker Novices' Handicap Chase Class E For The Eglinton Cup Russ Garritty

01May95 Hexham Issyin Ian Straker Memorial Trophy Russ Garritty

08May95 Newcastle Blessingindisguise Big Dipper Maiden Auction Stakes Mark Birch

10May95 Wetherby Minster Glory Washdale Conditional Jockeys' Juvenile Novices' Hurdle AP McCoy

10May95 Wetherby Aljadeer Rigton Novices' Hurdle Eddie Callaghan

15May95 Redcar Tolls Choice Kiss And Cuddle Professional Lady Jockeys' Handicap Ruth Coulter

19May95 Thirsk Lady Sheriff Kilburn Handicap L Charnock

29May95 Wetherby Aljadeer Bilbrough Handicap Hurdle Eddie Callaghan

05Jun95 Thirsk Lady Sheriff Leeming Bar Handicap L Charnock

14Jun95 Beverley Stolen Kiss Polygon Humberside Fillies' Handicap W Carson

14Jun95 Beverley Doug's Folly T. P. Colman Plastics Claiming Stakes W Carson

22Jun95 Stratford Auburn Boy Waterfront Development Merry Hill Garrick Jubilee Challenge Cup Handicap Hurdle Norman Williamson

05Jul95 Catterick Lady Sheriff Excalibur Handicap R Coulter

07Jul95 Beverley Westcourt Princess Sancton Handicap Gary Bardwell

14Jul95 York Lady Sheriff Anthony Fawcett Memorial Handicap P Fessey

22Jul95 Newcastle Westcourt Magic Seahouses Selling Stakes J Fanning

09Aug95 Beverley Westcourt Magic Contrac Computer Supplies Nursery T Williams

18Aug95 Sandown Westcourt Magic Orleans Nursery Gary Carter

19Aug95 Ripon Hasta La Vista Billy Nevett Memorial Challenge Cup Handicap Stakes N Varley

25Aug95 Thirsk Westcourt Magic John Quinn Nursery Gary Carter

28Aug95 Ripon Westcourt Dream Pateley Handicap L Newton

14Sep95 Ayr Westcourt Magic Timeform Harry Rosebery Trophy (Listed) M Kinane

18Sep95 Leicester Maid O'Cannie Highfields Limited Stakes S Maloney

23Sep95 Redcar Knayton Lass Cleveland Apprentices' Handicap Ruth Coulter

30Sep95 Haydock Bee Health Boy Maple Selling Nursery C Teague

24Oct95 Redcar Mister Joel European Breeders Fund Wilton Median Auction Maiden Stakes S Maloney

13Jan96 Newcastle Silver Stick Pintail Handicap Russ Garritty

13Jan96 Newcastle Admirals Seat Heron Novices' Handicap Hurdle Russ Garritty

24Jan96 Sedgefield Tresidder Curling Handicap Chase R Garrity

14Feb96 Sedgefield Tresidder Jack Britton Memorial Handicap Chase R Garrity

17Feb96 Newcastle Circus Line Northern Electric Charity Challenge Series Qualifier Novices' Hurdle Russ Garritty

23Feb96 Haydock Purevalue Tweedle Dum 'national Hunt' Novices' Handicap Hurdle R Dunwoody

08Mar96 Market Rasen Aljadeer '4 Seasons' Novices' Chase Andrew Thornton

16Mar96 Newcastle Southern Cross ESA Howden Helicopters & Campaign For Shooting Standard Open National Hunt Flat Andrew Thornton

18Mar96 Southwell Foist St Andrews Handicap Stakes (Div II) J Quinn

25Mar96 Hexham Cinder Hills Warden 'national Hunt' Novices' Hurdle Andrew Thornton

26Mar96 Newcastle Stolen Kiss Monkseaton Sprint Handicap Kevin Darley

02Apr96 Wolverhampton Foist Sherwood Stainless Handicap Stake J Quinn

06Apr96 Haydock Westcourt Magic BNFL 25Th Anniversary Field Marshal Stakes (Listed Race) L Dettori

06Apr96 Southwell Foist Puffin Handicap Stakes J Quinn

09Apr96 Wetherby Purevalue Racing Channel Novices' Hurdle Class D (Div II) B P Harding

09Apr96 Wetherby Issyin Crossley Handicap Chase Russ Garritty

20Apr96 Thirsk Stuffed Thomas Lord Handicap J F Egan

20Apr96 Thirsk Mill End Girl Knayton Claiming Stakes JF Egan

24Apr96 Catterick Hasta La Vista 'win With Tote' Handicap R Mullen

24Apr96 Catterick Mill End Girl Jockey Cap Selling Stakes JF Egan

02May96 Wolverhampton Lady Sheriff Portman Handicap F Lynch

06May96 Newcastle Lucky Bea North Of England British Olympic Appeal Handicap D Gibson

08May96 Wetherby Issyin Headingley Handicap Chase Russ Garritty

13May96 Redcar Spanish Steps Kiss And Cuddle Professional Lady Jockeys' Handicap Jo Hunnam

22May96 Newcastle Bolero Boy Ramside Hall Hotel And Country Club Maiden Stakes D Gibson

03Jun96 Thirsk Able Sheriff Leeming Bar Handicap D Gibson

07Jun96 Catterick Mister Joel Jervaulx Handicap Gyles Parkin

11Jun96 Redcar Dee Pee Tee Cee Hartlepool United Selling Stakes Gyles Parkin

04Jul96 Haydock Maid O'Cannie Famous Grouse Handicap T Quinn

11Jul96 Redcar Pension Fund Westerdale Maiden Auction Stakes Dale Gibson

30Jul96 Catterick Bee Health Boy Boston Tea Party Handicap Nick Connorton

01Aug96 Doncaster Bee Health Boy Dazzling Doncaster Markets Handicap Gyles Parkin

03Aug96 Thirsk Mill End Lady Lords Taverners Maiden Handicap D Gibson

07Aug96 Brighton Sparky Ringmer Selling Stakes J F Egan

15Aug96 Beverley Sparky Punch And Judy Nursery D Gibson

20Aug96 York Pension Fund Eglinton Nursery Dale Gibson

23Aug96 Newmarket Bee Health Boy NGK Spark Plugs Apprentices' Handicap Gyles Parkin

30Aug96 Chester Minster Glory Arthur O'hare Apprentices' Handicap C Lowther

19Sep96 Ayr Able Sheriff Ladbroke Sprint Handicap L Charnock

21Sep96 Catterick Gipsy Princess Red Onion Nursery L Charnock

06Oct96 Haydock Future Perfect Deauville Maiden Stakes (Div II) Gyles Parkin

21Oct96 Pontefract Stuffed Chep Handicap Gyles Parkin

23Oct96 Newcastle Stuffed Ashington Handicap Gyles Parkin

30Nov96 Newcastle Circus Line Chisholm Bookmakers Handicap Hurdle Mark Dwyer

11Dec96 Leicester Circus Line Oak Handicap Hurdle Mick Fitzgerald

21Jan97 Market Rasen Circus Line Scothern Handicap Hurdle Paul Carberry

01Feb97 Wetherby Purevalue Demmy Credit Handicap Hurdle R Guest

18Feb97 Market Rasen Aljadeer Queens Royal Lancers Handicap Chase Norman Williamson

15Mar97 Newcastle Purevalue Tyne Bridge Handicap Hurdle Russ Garrity

15Mar97 Newcastle Aljadeer Newcastle Handicap Chase Russ Garritty

26Mar97 Catterick Foist Gods Solution Handicap L Charnock

04Apr97 Sedgefield Tapatch Washington Hospital Novices' Chase Tony Dobbin

10Apr97 Hamilton Foist Davie Cooper Memorial Handicap K Fallon

23Apr97 Catterick Flash D'Or Fraggles Selling Stakes Gyles Parkin

28Apr97 Southwell My Bet Coldseal in the Frame 2yo Selling stakes Gyles Parkin

04May97 Hamilton Foist Guinness 'Perfect Pint' Handica L Charnock

08May97 Southwell Lady Sheriff Freesia Fillies' Handicap G Parkin

09May97 Carlisle Hirst Bridge European Breeders Fund Caldew Maiden Stakes T Lucas

09May97 Sedgefield Lepton Dudley Dukes Antique Fair Novices' Chase Russ Garritty

10May97 Hexham Tapatch Ian Straker Memorial Trophy Paul Carberry

22May97 Newcastle Lady Sheriff Seaton Burn Distaff Handicap T Lucas

27May97 Redcar Blessingindisguise Dormanstown Sprint Handicap Lindsay Charnock

27May97 Wetherby Lepton Moorside Landrover Centre Novices' Chase Richard Johnson

31May97 Musselburgh Hasta La Vista Sheraton Grand Handicap Gyles Parkin

31May97 Market Rasen Tapatch Lincolnshire Business Development Centre Handicap Chase Paul Carberry

06Jun97 Catterick William's Well Jervaulx Handicap Dale Gibson

06Jun97 Southwell Sparky James Latham Midland/CSC Forest Products Handicap Stakes Gyles Parkin

07Jun97 Doncaster Jedi Knight Konica East Direct Handicap F Norton

11Jun97 Beverley Dee Pee Tee Cee Eltherington Handicap T Lucas

12Jun97 Carlisle Jedi Knight Carlisle Glass Handicap Gyles Parkin

12Jun97 Carlisle Wait'N'See Wastwater Median Auction Maiden Stakes T Lucas

13Jun97 York Sandbaggedagain Racing Channel Median Auction Maiden Stakes Gyles Parkin

13Jun97 Market Rasen Tapatch UK Hygiene Handicap Chase A P McCoy

16Jun97 Musselburgh William's Well Wimpey Homes Pageant Handicap Dale Gibson

18Jun97 Hamilton Hasta La Vista South Lanarkshire Handicap Gyles Parkin

19Jun97 Ripon Blessingindisguise Racing Channel Handicap Gyles Parkin

21Jun97 Redcar Dee Pee Tee Cee 'Long Un' Handicap T Lucas

25Jun97 Hamilton Flower O'Cannie Hamilton Park Maiden Auction Fillies Stakes G Parkin

26Jun97 Carlisle Dee Pee Tee Cee Walton Limited Stakes T Lucas

03Jul97 Catterick Hasta La Vista 'Turmeric' Handicap L Dettori

04Jul97 Haydock Blessingindisguise Ellesmere Handicap Gyles Parkin

04Jul97 Beverley Two Williams Jacksons Family Foodstore Maiden Stakes T Lucas

05Jul97 Beverley Dee Pee Tee Cee Millers Mile Handicap John Lowe

05Jul97 Beverley Flower O'Cannie Jeremy Buxton and Judi Murden Novice Stakes G Parkin

07Jul97 Musselburgh Dee Pee Tee Cee Mill Hill Handicap T Lucas

14Jul97 Ayr Blessingindisguise Western House Handicap T Lucas

25Jul97 Ascot Blessingindisguise Imperial Cancer Research Fund Rated Handicap Mick Kinane

26Jul97 Redcar Bolero Kid Rycroft Commercial Vehicle Nursery Handicap T Lucas

29Jul97 Beverley Miss Eliminator Family Day Maiden Auction Fillies' Stakes D Gibson

30Jul97 Goodwood Lady Sheriff Peugeot 406 Coupe Handicap M Kinane

05Aug97 Catterick Hasta La Vista 'Redcar, Ripon & Thirsk' Handicap Gyles Parkin

11Aug97 Thirsk Jedi Knight Golden Fleece Hotel Handicap L Charnock

13Aug97 Beverley Pension Fund Hull Daily Mail Handicap Jimmy Fortune

30Aug97 Ripon Hasta La Vista Crowther Homes Handicap Stakes Gyles Parkin

30Aug97 Chester Westcourt Magic Rowton Moor Handicap Seb Sanders

18Sep97 Ayr Kettlesing Eagle Taverns Selling Stakes Darryll Holland

24Sep97 Chester Burnt Yates Deva Nursery Seb Sanders

26Sep97 Redcar Mighty Sure September Nursery Gyles Parkin

04Oct97 Nottingham Kettlesing Merry-Go-Round Nursery Gyles Parkin

04Oct97 Newmarket Royal Result Links Handicap T Lucas

01Nov97 Wetherby Banker Count Bolton Percy Novices' Hurdle AP McCoy

04Nov97 Redcar Jedi Knight Poplar Handicap L Charnock

17Dec97 Catterick Minster Glory Garth Novices' Chase P Carberry

13Mar98 Market Rasen Purevalue Wheatley Packaging Novices' Chase A Thornton

13Mar98 Sandown Silver Stick Horse & Hound Grand Military Gold Cup Major M Watson

19Mar98 Hexham Purevalue Three Pees In A Pod Novices' Chase E Callaghan

23Mar98 Newcastle Alpine Hideaway Mj Donaldson Novices' Claiming Hurdle Russ Garritty

31Mar98 Newcastle Westcourt Magic 49's Sprint Handicap L Charnock

08Apr98 Ripon Cinder Hills Sawley Handicap Jimmy Quinn

09Apr98 Musselburgh Aa-Youknownothing Carlyle Place Maiden Auction Stakes L Charnock

13Apr98 Wetherby Flat Top Huddersfield Novices' Chase Tony Dobbin

13Apr98 Wetherby Dulas Bay Arkendale Novices' Hurdle Richard Guest

15Apr98 Cheltenham Flat Top Lynx Novices' Handicap R Thornton

16Apr98 Ripon Cinder Hills Farm Fed Handicap Jimmy Quinn

20Apr98 Hexham Flat Top Ben Travis Birthday Novices' Chase Tony Dobbin

02May98 Thirsk Aa-Youknownothing European Breeders Fund Market Place Novice Median Auction Stakes T Lucas

03May98 Hamilton Foist Springfield Handicap L Charnock

04May98 Warwick Foist May Pole Limited Stakes G Parkin

07May98 Chester Westcourt Magic Hill Dickinson Rated Stakes Handicap L Charnock

13May98 York Stuffed Grosvenor Casino Leeds Sprint Handicap T Lucas

18May98 Musselburgh Hasta La Vista Queens Stand For Hospitality Handicap T Lucas

25May98 Wetherby Alpine Hideaway National Riding Week Novices' Hurdle A S Smith

30May98 Catterick Hasta La Vista Pickhill Handicap T Lucas

02Jun98 Catterick Sandbaggedagain 'Turmeric' Handicap SD Finnamore

12Jun98 Market Rasen Alpine Hideaway Roseland Group Handicap Hurdle Norman Williamson

20Jun98 Redcar Bee Health Boy Vaux Gold Tankard Handicap Gyles Parkin

29Jun98 Pontefract Tapatch Pontefract Apprentice Series Round 3 Handicap S D Finnamore

03Jul98 Market Rasen Sparky Holiday Time Maiden Hurdle Robert Thornton

06Jul98 Ripon Bow Peep Taylor Woodrow Handicap Gyles Parkin

10Jul98 York Blessingindisguise Mr Kipling Exceedingly Good Stakes T Lucas

10Jul98 Hamilton Disco Tex Judge Maiden Handicap Gyles Parkin

18Jul98 Ripon Hit The Beach Bernadette McWilliams Memorial Maiden Stakes T Lucas

24Jul98 Ascot Blessingindisguise City Index Rated Handicap Showcase Race Mick Kinane

24Jul98 Ascot Sandbaggedagain John Guest Brown Jack Handicap M Kinane

24Jul98 Nottingham Bow Peep Carib Lager Classified Stakes Gyles Parkin

28Jul98 Beverley Hasta La Vista Swings And Roundabouts Handicap T Lucas

12Aug98 Nottingham Bodfari Anna Rainworth Miners' Welfare Selling Stakes Gyles Parkin

22Aug98 Chester Westcourt Magic Rowton Moor Handicap L Charnock

01Sep98 Ripon Pension Fund Tote Trifecta Handicap T Lucas

16Sep98 Beverley Buzz The Agent Port of Hull Handicap Gyles Parkin

23Sep98 Chester Sandbaggedagain 49's Handicap Class D Showcase Race J Lowe

25Sep98 Redcar Bodfari Komaite September Nursery Handicap Gyles Parkin

14Oct98 Haydock Piggy Bank Haydock Park Sponsorship Club Nursery Handicap L Charnock

16Oct98 Catterick Itsanothergirl Richmondshire Nursery Handicap T Lucas

22Oct98 Nottingham Dangerman Bunny Handicap L Charnock

30Oct98 Newcastle Flower O'Cannie St Modwen Handicap T Lucas

04Nov98 Musselburgh Flower O'Cannie Musselburgh Joint Race Committee Handicap T Lucas

13Nov98 Newcastle Minster Glory Newcastle Flooring Handicap Chase R McGrath

13Nov98 Newcastle Purevalue St Modwen Handicap Chase P Niven

13Nov98 Newcastle Noshinannikin Stannington Novices' Hurdle F Leahy

16Dec98 Catterick River Don Helister Novices' Chase Russ Garritty

16Dec98 Catterick Russian Aspect Hutton Wandesley Novices' Handicap Hurdle C McCormack

28Dec98 Wetherby Russian Aspect Boxing Day Novices' Handicap Hurdle Mr K R O'Ryan

31Dec98 Catterick Flat Top Barton Conditional Jockeys' Handicap Hurdle C McCormack

07Jan99 Catterick Jago Bradford Selling Handicap Hurdle Russ Garritty

16Jan99 Newcastle Dangerman Advent Racecourse Catering Juvenile Novices' Hurdle Russ Garritty

23Jan99 Catterick Castletown Count Seamer Novices' Handicap Chase Russ Garrity

02Mar99 Catterick Banker Count Malton Novices' Chase AP McCoy

20Mar99 Newcastle Flat Top Collins (Seafoods) Handicap Chase C McCormack

30Mar99 Newcastle Flat Top Polyflor Handicap Chase C McCormack

08May99 Beverley Jedi Knight Freemen of Beverley Handicap T Lucas

02Jun99 Chester Dee Pee Tee Cee Rabbit Catcher Handicap T Lucas

07Jun99 Pontefract Dee Pee Tee Cee Pontefract Apprentice Series (Handicap) Stan Finnamore

07Jun99 Pontefract Alustar June Maiden Auction Stakes Gyles Parkin

12Jun99 York Dee Pee Tee Cee Cadogan Silver Salver Handicap T Lucas

12Jun99 York Flower O'Cannie Queen Mother's Cup (Lady Amateur Riders) Handicap Miss Serena Brotherton

14Jun99 Musselburgh Bodfari Komaite Wimpey Homes Celebration Handicap T Lucas

16Jun99 Hamilton Dee Pee Tee Cee Sunday Mail Handicap T Lucas

18Jun99 Hexham Lady Confess Rupert Tetlow Mild Handicap Hurdle A P McCoy

23Jun99 Carlisle Rigadoon Crowther Homes Maiden Handicap N Kennedy

23Jun99 Hamilton Bodfari Signet Wilcon Homes Maiden Handicap Gyles Parkin

27Jun99 Uttoxeter Lady Confess Britannia Building Society Handicap Hurdle A P McCoy

28Jun99 Pontefract Mill End Quest Tote E B F Fillies' Stakes Showcase Handicap T Lucas

02Jul99 Market Rasen Disco Tex Cryo-Quick Maiden Hurdle (Div II) A P McCoy

03Jul99 Carlisle William's Well Lanes Shopping Centre Handicap T Lucas

05Jul99 Musselburgh Happy Times European Breeders Fund McEwans Lager Median Auction Maiden Stakes T Lucas

05Jul99 Ripon Piggy Bank Taylor Woodrow Handicap T Lucas

09Jul99 York Jedi Knight Gulp! Rated Stakes Johnny Murtagh

10Jul99 Southwell Manzoni Cape Province Handicap T Lucas

14Jul99 Catterick William's Well Low Green Handicap T Lucas

23Jul99 Nottingham Rigadoon Ladies Night Handicap Gyles Parkin

28Jul99 Doncaster Bodfari Komaite 'Flying Dutchman' Handicap T Lucas

31Jul99 Market Rasen Disco Tex Interflora Novices' Handicap Hurdle A P McCoy

11Aug99 Beverley Alpine Hideaway Freeport Hornsea Claiming Stakes T Lucas

17Aug99 York Dee Pee Tee Cee Ladbroke Knavesmire Stakes T Lucas

19Aug99 Hamilton Jedi Knight Tote Bookmakers Captain J. C. Stewart Memorial Rated Stakes Showcase Handicap L Charnock

22Aug99 Pontefract Lady Confess Go Racing In Yorkshire Handicap L Charnock

31Aug99 Ripon Elvington Boy Nags Head At Pickhill Maiden Auction Stakes T Lucas

31Aug99 Ripon Happy Times Steve Nesbitt Challenge Trophy Nursery Handicap Kieren Fallon

01Sep99 York Pension Fund Rufforth Handicap Jimmy Fortune

04Sep99 Stratford Bodfari Signet Still Materials Handling Juvenile Novices' Hurdle Mick Fitzgerald

15Sep99 Beverley Nowell House SPS Group Handicap T Lucas

18Sep99 Catterick Sporting Gesture Dartmouth Nursery Handicap T Lucas

18Sep99 Catterick Rigadoon Skyram Handicap Gyles Parkin

19Sep99 Newcastle Blessingindisguise Easy Favourites Magic Eleven Fifty Two Handicap Gyles Parkin

21Sep99 Beverley Jorrocks Brian Merrington Memorial Stakes T Lucas

22Sep99 Chester Westcourt Magic Kathleen B. Corbett Memorial Stakes J Carroll

04Oct99 Pontefract Nowell House Pontefract Apprentice Series Handicap Stan Finnamore

14Oct99 Redcar Nowell House Racing Channel 50 To Follow Handicap Gyles Parkin

23Oct99 Doncaster Dancing Phantom Ladbroke Stakes Showcase Handicap Ray Cochrane

13Nov99 Market Rasen What A Fuss Consort Travel Handicap Hurdle C McCormack

16Nov99 Wetherby Dancing Phantom Horsepower Novices' Hurdle Tony Dobbin

16Nov99 Wetherby Rigadoon Jonjo O'Neill Owners Juvenile Novices' Hurdle Tony Dobbin

21Nov99 Wetherby Bodfari Cream Bramham Moor Masters Intermediate Open National Hunt Flat Race C McCormack

24Nov99 Hexham Noshinannikin Buchanan Smooth Novices' Chase Tony Dobbin

24Nov99 Hexham What A Fuss Bowey Developments Ltd Handicap Hurdle Tony Dobbin

01Dec99 Catterick Minster Glory North Yorkshire Handicap Chase Tony Dobbin

01Dec99 Doncaster Banker Count Racing Channel Available On Digital 0990 215215 Handicap Chase Tony Dobbin

10Dec99 Doncaster Dee Pee Tee Cee Racing Channel Conditional Jockeys Novice Handicap Hurdle Jim Crowley

10Dec99 Doncaster Bodfari Cream Racing Channel Text Key Page 300 Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race Tony Dobbin

13Dec99 Newcastle Purevalue St Modwen Handicap Chase Tony Dobbin

13Dec99 Newcastle Super Nomad Waddington Jaycare Novices' Hurdle S Durack

05Jan00 Catterick Castletown Count Hans Christian Anderson Handicap Chase Tony Dobbin

13Jan00 Wetherby Supreme Lad European Breeders Fund 'National Hunt' Novices' Hurdle Tony Dobbin

15Jan00 Newcastle Minster Glory Castle Eden Trophy Handicap Tony Dobbin

19Jan00 Newcastle Snugfit Rosie St Modwen Mares' Only Maiden Hurdle Russ Garritty

24Jan00 Wetherby Noshinannikin Wetherby Millennium Stand Novices' Chase Russ Garritty

28Jan00 Doncaster Super Nomad Selby Conditional Jockeys' Novices' Handicap Hurdle M Batchelor

02Feb00 Newcastle Purevalue St Modwen Handicap Chase Russ Garrity

07Feb00 Newcastle Cinder Hills Tyne Bridge Handicap Hurdle Russ Garritty

07Feb00 Newcastle Snugfit Rosie St Modwen Novices' Hurdle Russ Garritty

12Feb00 Catterick Sparky Bridge Selling Hurdle Richard Guest

19Feb00 Newcastle Snugfit Rosie Gosforth Park Novices' Hurdle Russ Garritty

29Feb00 Catterick Minster Glory Switch To Sky Digital Now Handicap Chase Tony Dobbin

01Mar00 Wetherby Dee Pee Tee Cee Racing Channel Available in Pubs and Clubs Handicap Hurdle Tony Dobbin

03Mar00 Doncaster Supreme Lad Wadworth 'National Hunt' Novices' Hurdle Russ Garritty

04Mar00 Doncaster Snugfit Rosie Light Infantry Plate (Novices' Hurdle) Russ Garritty

18Mar00 Newcastle Minster Glory www.solsports.who? Handicap Chase Tony Dobbin

18Mar00 Newcastle Super Nomad James Fletcher Marquees Novices' Handicap Hurdle Tony Dobbin

23Mar00 Doncaster Rakeeb Furniture Factors Racing Schools Apprentice Handicap Paul Goode

30Mar00 Musselburgh Bow Peep Chiquita Handicap Gyles Parkin

03Apr00 Kelso Cinder Hills Green Tree Peebles Handicap Hurdle Brian Harding

13Apr00 Musselburgh Hasta La Vista Joe And Mary Rodrigues Watch The Racing Channel Handicap T Lucas

15Apr00 Thirsk Itsanothergirl Levy Board Fillies' Stakes T Lucas

04May00 Redcar Card Games Manny Bernstein Bookmakers Credit Division Fillies' Handicap G Parkin

06May00 Thirsk Sulu Baldersby Handicap JF Egan

15May00 Southwell Mujagem France Fillies' Handicap Gyles Parkin

19May00 Thirsk Bodfari Komaite Kilburn Handicap T Lucas

20May00 Nottingham William's Well Gearhouse Presentations Handicap T Lucas

25May00 Newcastle Time Maite Access To Justice Direct Law Claiming Stakes Gyles Parkin

02Jun00 Catterick Bodfari Komaite Wensley Sprint Handicap T Lucas

07Jun00 Beverley Middlethorpe Racing Pages Handicap Pat Eddery

09Jun00 Catterick Hasta La Vista Leslie Petch Handicap T Lucas

13Jun00 Redcar Dance Little Lady Jeroboam Handicap Gyles Parkin

19Jun00 Southwell Send It To Penny thehorsesmouth.co.uk Handicap Gyles Parkin

01Jul00 Worcester Winter Gale Craig Bennett Waves Farewell To Freedom (Again) Novices' Handicap Chase Tony Dobbin

09Jul00 Market Rasen Winter Gale 500/1 Irish Lottery Odds At Liles Handicap Chase Tony Dobbin

14Jul00 York Sporting Gesture Hearthstead Homes Stakes Joe Fanning

17Jul00 Wolverhampton Winter Gale Dunstall Park Handicap Chase Tony Dobbin

24Jul00 Musselburgh Manzoni Royal Scots Cup Handicap Paul Hanagan

24Jul00 Beverley Flint Sailors Families Society Claiming Stakes T Lucas

28Jul00 Thirsk Send It To Penny Coopers Selling Handicap T Lucas

29Jul00 Redcar Dominaite Hertel Services Nursery Stakes (Handicap) J Weaver

04Aug00 Thirsk Mill End Quest Peter Bell Memorial Stakes D Gibson

09Aug00 Pontefract William's Well Chaplins Club Handicap T Lucas

18Aug00 Chester Sporting Gesture Kemiro Agro Handicap Joe Fanning

19Aug00 Ripon William's Well William Hill Great St Wilfrid Stakes Showcase Handicap Dale Gibson

19Aug00 Haydock Time Maite Fullers Moor Nursery Paul Hanagan

26Aug00 Beverley Esyoueffcee European Breeders Fund netbetsports.com Maiden Fillies' Stakes J Carroll

30Aug00 York Middlethorpe HBLB Travel Trade Gazette Apprentice Handicap Paul Hanagan

16Sep00 Catterick Nowell House Constant Security Services Handicap Gyles Parkin

23Sep00 Market Rasen Whatadeal BBC Radio Lincolnshire Standard National Hunt Flat Race M Nicolls

30Sep00 Redcar Nowell House NTL Complete Communications Company Stakes Gyles Parkin

01Oct00 Market Rasen Whatadeal Pinewrap Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race M Nicolls

07Oct00 Hexham Flat Top Insitu Cleaning Handicap Chase Russ Garritty

14Oct00 Market Rasen Dix Bay Clugston Group 'British Bred' Maiden Open National Hunt Flat Race Mark Nicolls

18Oct00 Aintree Super Nomad stanleybet.co.uk Children In Need Handicap Hurdle Tony Dobbin

19Oct00 Newcastle Time Maite Northern Spirit Nursery Paul Hanagan

27Oct00 Wetherby Belisario thehorsesmouth.co.uk Conditional Jockeys' Novices' Handicap Hurdle Paul W Flynn

17Nov00 Southwell Jorrocks Saffie Joseph And Sons Handicap T Lucas

29Nov00 Catterick Whatadeal thehorsesmouth.co.uk 'National Hunt' Novices' Hurdle Russ Garritty

01Dec00 Musselburgh Minster Glory Gold Rings Handicap Chase Tony Dobbin

08Dec00 Southwell Jorrocks Bet Direct 'Today's Best Bets' Handicap T Lucas

21Dec00 Newcastle Dower House Tote Top Of The North Novices' Hurdle Tony Dobbin

01Jan01 Southwell Jorrocks Bet Direct On 0800 211 222 Handicap Jimmy Quinn

08Jan01 Southwell Rimatara National English Toffee Apprentice Handicap Class F (Div II) Graham Gibbons

10Jan01 Catterick River Don Ilkley Handicap Chase Mark Nicolls

11Jan01 Wetherby Dix Bay European Breeders Fund 'National Hunt' Novices' Hurdle Tony Dobbin

11Jan01 Wetherby Meadowbank Harry Wharton Novices' Chase Russ Garrity

13Jan01 Newcastle Real Shady Cantor Index 'Financial Bookmaker' British Bred Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race Tony Dobbin

19Jan01 Southwell Jorrocks Tote Exacta 1-2 Stakes Showcase Handicap Jimmy Quinn

20Jan01 Catterick Kaizen Catterick 'Hands And Heels' Maiden National Hunt Flat Race Mr Adam Jones

31Jan01 Newcastle Whatadeal Brandling 'National Hunt' Novices' Handicap Hurdle M Nicolls

01Feb01 Kelso Banker Count Persimmon Homes Handicap Chase Richie McGrath

01Feb01 Wolverhampton Jorrocks Arena Leisure plc Conditions Stakes Jimmy Quinn

05Feb01 Southwell Silver Socks National Chocolate Fondue Day Handicap Dale Gibson

13Feb01 Wolverhampton Silver Socks Blue Danube Handicap Dale Gibson

17Feb01 Wetherby Meadowbank thehorsesmouth.co.uk Hotline 0870 444 6100 Novices' Chase Russ Garrity

20Feb01 Sedgefield Nowell House Alphameric Betting Display Systems Novices' Hurdle Class E (Div II) Alan Dempsey

20Feb01 Wolverhampton Silver Socks Marco Polo Apprentice Handicap Sam Hitchcott

22Feb01 Wolverhampton Rimatara Virgin Island Donkey Day Handicap Class F (Div I) D Gibson

23Feb01 Southwell Silver Socks Incredible Shrinking Man Handicap Sam Hitchcott

27Feb01 Wolverhampton Silver Socks Leaning Tower of Pisa Amateur Riders' Handicap Tony Evans

27Feb01 Catterick Castletown Count Greta Bridge Handicap Chase R McGrath

30Mar01 Southwell Ballet Master Levy Board Handicap T Lucas

16Apr01 Wetherby Banker Count Royal Naval Association Handicap Chase Richie McGrath

16Apr01 Nottingham Settle Down 'Come Racing At Nottingham' Selling Stakes T Lucas

18Apr01 Newmarket Nowell House Babraham Handicap K Darley

08May01 Chester Pension Fund Walker Smith & Way Stakes (Handicap) Jimmy Fortune

16Jun01 York Pension Fund Cadogan Silver Salver Handicap Dale Gibson

18Jun01 Musselburgh Manzoni Wimpey Homes Tempo Apprentice Handicap Sam Hitchcott

21Jun01 Ripon Golden Chance Beaumont Robinson Insurance Ladies' Derby Handicap (Lady Amateur Riders) Miss Serena Brotherton

23Jun01 Redcar Manzoni Tees Components Handicap Sam Hitchcott

30Jun01 Chester Bodfari Komaite Halliwell Jones BMW Handicap D Gibson

30Jun01 Newcastle Blessingindisguise Laurent Perrier Handicap T Lucas

06Jul01 Beverley Johnson's Point Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire Puddings Fillies' Stakes D Gibson

15Jul01 Haydock Sophorific Channel M Maiden Stakes K Fallon

19Jul01 Hamilton Hasta La Vista Family Night Tomorrow Handicap T Lucas

22Jul01 Redcar Beau Sauvage 'Hand To Rouf' Lady Amateur Riders' Maiden Handicap Miss Serena Brotherton

25Jul01 Musselburgh Elvington Boy Take A Tip From Gary Owen Handicap T Lucas

28Jul01 Nottingham Sporting Gesture Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club Handicap Seb Sanders

04Aug01 Thirsk Sporting Gesture Feversham Arms Stakes Sam Hitchcott

08Aug01 Pontefract Middlethorpe Rogerthorpe Manor Hotel Handicap T Lucas

18Aug01 Haydock Itsanothergirl Ashchurch Handicap Philip Robinson

19Aug01 Pontefract Sporting Gesture Silentnight Beds Handicap Dale Gibson

23Aug01 Musselburgh Manzoni Links Handicap Sam Hitchcott

01Sep01 Chester Bodfari Komaite Merseyside Handicap T Lucas

01Sep01 Chester Manzoni Broadcasters Handicap Sam Hitchcott

05Sep01 York Trouble Mountain betabet Stakes (Apprentice Handicap) Sam Hitchcott

06Sep01 Redcar Cat's Whiskers Cray Fish Nursery D Gibson

06Sep01 Wolverhampton Cargo Malthouse Vintners Nursery Matthew Henry

07Sep01 Chepstow Middlethorpe Maskreys Handicap Paul Hanagan

04Oct01 Nottingham Dadeland Sputnik Nursery George Duffield

07Oct01 Market Rasen Gohh Mallard Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race Richie McGrath

13Oct01 Bangor-on-Dee Barton Dante Bangor Mares' Only Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race Mick Fitzgerald

15Oct01 Ayr Itsanothergirl Lochranza Handicap D Gibson

18Oct01 Newmarket Esyoueffcee Pearl And Coutts Severals Stakes Class A (Listed Race) J Fortune

21Oct01 Aintree Gudlage Fotocolor Maiden Hurdle Richie McGrath

03Nov01 Kelso Minster Glory Daily Record Handicap Chase R McGrath

03Nov01 Kelso Super Nomad John Mason Retirement Novices' Chase R McGrath

03Nov01 Wetherby Banker Count Rocom Handicap Chase J R Kavanagh

17Nov01 Wetherby Meadowbank Bet Away With The Racecourse Bookmakers Handicap Chase AS Smith

22Nov01 Market Rasen Minster Glory Midwinter Handicap Chase R McGrath

24Nov01 Catterick Barton Dante Goathland Mares' Only Maiden Hurdle Russ Garritty

01Dec01 Haydock Silver Socks Eagle Park Novices' Handicap Hurdle R McGrath

01Dec01 Newcastle Noshinannikin Woodpecker Cider Amateur Riders' Hands And Heels Handicap Hurdle Gino Carenza

06Dec01 Market Rasen Gohh Boxing Day Comes Next 'National Hunt' Novices' Hurdle Richie McGrath

08Dec01 Wetherby Banker Count Cumbrian Challenge Handicap Chase Richie McGrath

14Dec01 Doncaster Super Sammy 'Seasons Greetings' Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race G Carenza

21Dec01 Uttoxeter Fiolino bet365 Novices' Handicap Chase Richie McGrath

02Jan02 Southwell Property Zone betdirect.co.uk Handicap Sam Hitchcott

12Jan02 Newcastle Super Sammy Cantor Sport 'Jollies' British Bred Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race G Carenza

18Jan02 Musselburgh Silver Socks Sean Graham Easter Road Novices' Hurdle R McGrath

18Jan02 Wolverhampton Snappy Littlewoods Bet Direct Daily Special Offers Handicap T Lucas

21Jan02 Wetherby Belisario Cloud 9 Fitness Studio At Wetherby Racecourse Novices' Chase R McGrath

23Jan02 Sedgefield Barton Dante Mainsforth Mares' Only 'National Hunt' Novices' Hurdle Tony Dobbin

30Jan02 Newcastle Lord Sandrovitch Chisholm Bookmakers Novices' Chase C McCormack

16Feb02 Newcastle Super Nomad Fairyhouse Racecourse Novices' Chase R McGrath

21Feb02 Huntingdon Noshinannikin Rob Scoones Life Celebration Handicap Chase Richie McGrath

23Feb02 Newbury Flat Top Stan James Telebetting Handicap Chase R McGrath

01Mar02 Doncaster Belisario Doncaster Racecourse Sponsorship Club Novices' Chase R McGrath

18Mar02 Southwell Preston Brook Come Racing At Southwell 0870 220 2332 Maiden Hurdle Richie McGrath

21Mar02 Doncaster Middlethorpe Racing Schools Apprentice Handicap Sam Hitchcott

18Apr02 Ripon Elvington Boy Ripon Racecourse Marina Claiming Stakes T Lucas

23Apr02 Wetherby Dix Bay Siemens Handicap Hurdle R McGrath

27Apr02 Ripon Sarangani C. B. Hutchinson Memorial Challenge Cup Handicap Stakes T Lucas

15May02 York Elvington Boy Convergent Systems Avaya Stakes D Gibson

15May02 York Sarangani Datel Stakes (Handicap) Jamie Spencer

31May02 Catterick Blessingindisguise Lionweld Kennedy Sprint Handicap Sam Hitchcott

01Jun02 Market Rasen Tickton Flyer St. Barnabas Hospice Maiden Open National Hunt Flat G Carenza

05Jun02 Newcastle Cat's Whiskers xtremesports.it Handicap D Gibson

17Jun02 Musselburgh Strong Hand George Wimpey Merchiston European Breeders Fund Median Auction Maiden Fillies' Stakes T Lucas

06Jul02 Beverley Lough Bow The Queen Is Coming On 12 July Handicap Dale Gibson

06Jul02 Beverley Cat's Whiskers Timmgrain Stakes (Handicap) D Gibson

06Jul02 Beverley Lago Tote Big Screen Stakes (Handicap) D Gibson

14Jul02 Haydock Bodfari Komaite Manchester Evening News Sport Handicap T Lucas

18Jul02 Doncaster Johnson's Point Porcelanosa Stakes Jamie Spencer

18Jul02 Doncaster Ridgeway Arksey Handicap Sam Hitchcott

25Jul02 Hamilton Strong Hand Barbados Nursery Class E (A Qualifier For Hamilton Park 2-Y-O Series Final) D Gibson

25Jul02 Sedgefield Society Buck Ramside Event Catering Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race Richie McGrath

27Jul02 Newcastle Snugfit Dubarry nitex.co.uk Maiden Auction Stakes D Gibson

29Jul02 Newcastle Dadeland Send Pro Gamble To 8181 Fillies' Handicap R Winston

02Aug02 Ayr Dadeland D M Hall Handicap R Winston

03Aug02 Doncaster Trouble Mountain Weatherbys VAT Services Summer Cup Jimmy Fortune

07Aug02 Pontefract Gudlage Bollinger Champagne Challenge Series Handicap Mr T Greenall

12Aug02 Thirsk Cat's Whiskers Beatrice Stephenson Handicap D Gibson

19Sep02 Pontefract Beau Sauvage Dewsbury Selling Handicap Sam Hitchcott

26Sep02 Southwell Parknasilla Bet Direct On Channel 4 Page 613 Maiden Stakes T Lucas

28Sep02 Market Rasen Tickton Flyer BBC Radio Lincolnshire Standard National Hunt Flat Race G Carenza

04Oct02 Hexham Gastornis Federation Brewery Intermediate National Hunt Flat Race G Carenza

06Oct02 Market Rasen Frankie Anson Lincolnshire Motors Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race Richie McGrath

11Oct02 Carlisle Jackson's Bay Kirkandrews-On-Eden Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race G Carenza

19Oct02 Catterick Mount Hillaby Irish Rover Median Auction Maiden Stakes Tony Culhane

24Oct02 Haydock Johnson's Point United Utilities Mares' Only Novices' Hurdle G Carenza

31Oct02 Sedgefield The Nomad European Breeders Fund 'National Hunt' Novices' Hurdle (Qualifier) Gino Carenza

06Nov02 Musselburgh Lough Bow jwracing.com Handicap Class E (Div I) D Gibson

21Nov02 Market Rasen The Nomad marketrasenraces.co.uk Amateur Riders' Novices' Hurdle Gino Carenza

25Nov02 Newcastle Middlethorpe St Modwen Properties Maiden Hurdle Gino Carenza

30Nov02 Newcastle Gudlage Woodpecker Cider Amateur Riders' 'Hands And Heels' Handicap Hurdle Mr T Greenall

12Dec02 Huntingdon Rigadoon Cambridgeshire Life Magazine Novices' Handicap Chase Alan Dempsey

26Dec02 Wetherby The Nomad 08000 722 421 Freephone Betting From Sky Bet Novices' Handicap Hurdle Gino Carenza

15Jan03 Newcastle Nowell House James Fletcher Marquees Handicap Hurdle R McGrath

15Jan03 Newcastle Super Sammy Bet365 0800 458 8888 Mares' Only Maiden Hurdle G Carenza

26Feb03 Wetherby Middlethorpe Kirkburton Novices' Hurdle Gino Carenza

05Mar03 Catterick Middlethorpe Weatherbys Travel Novices' Hurdle Gino Carenza

05Mar03 Catterick Gary's Pimpernel Glasgow Standard National Hunt Flat Race G Carenza

06Mar03 Wetherby Moonlit Harbour Newthorpe 'British Bred' Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race Gino Carenza

17Mar03 Wetherby Gastornis 'Irish Day' Maiden Hurdle G Carenza

29Mar03 Wolverhampton Strong Hand Bet Direct In Running Sky Text 293 Handicap Paul Mulrennan

01Apr03 Newcastle The Nomad 'Order Northumberland Plate Badges Now' Novices' Hurdle Gino Carenza

14Apr03 Pontefract Sporting Gesture Punters Choice Handicap Dale Gibson

14Apr03 Hexham Noshinannikin Federation Brewery Handicap Hurdle Mr T Greenall

16Apr03 Beverley Trouble Mountain New Look Members Enclosure Handicap Paul Mulrennan

21Apr03 Newcastle William's Well Saltwell Signs Handicap Paul Mulrennan

21Apr03 Wetherby Noshinannikin 'Eat & Sleep At The Nags Head, Pickhill' Amateur Riders' Handicap Hurdle Mr T Greenall

21Apr03 Wetherby Gastornis National Festival Circus Novices' Hurdle Mr T Greenall

03May03 Hexham Tickton Flyer Sanyo Television For Bookmakers Novices' Hurdle G Carenza

17May03 Hamilton Nowell House Real Radio Handicap Paul Mulrennan

02Jun03 Thirsk Top Dirham Calverts Carpets Handicap Dale Gibson

07Jun03 Doncaster Blue Spinnaker doncaster-racecourse.com Maiden Stakes Paul Mulrennan

10Jun03 Redcar Acomb Jeroboam Handicap D Gibson

11Jun03 Hamilton Strong Hand Walter Scott Saints & Sinners Challenge Cup Handicap D Gibson

14Jun03 York Sporting Gesture Queen Mothers Cup Miss Serena Brotherton

20Jun03 Redcar Wilson Bluebottle Hand To Rouf Lady Amateur Riders' Maiden Handicap Miss Serena Brotherton

25Jun03 Carlisle Top Dirham Persimmon Homes Carlisle Bell Dale Gibson

26Jun03 Thirsk We'll Meet Again Alex Hall BBC North Yorkshire Handicap D Gibson

16Jul03 Catterick Savile's Delight Hondeghem Selling Stakes Kevin Darley

23Jul03 Beverley Hills Of Gold Start of The Weekend Fun Handicap G Duffield

06Aug03 Pontefract Acomb Holiday Time Handicap Willie Supple

09Aug03 Haydock Blue Spinnaker James Halstead Rated Stakes Richard Quinn

15Aug03 Newcastle William's Well North East Chamber Of Commerce Handicap Dale Gibson

28Aug03 Chester Hills Of Gold Saffie Joseph & Sons Handicap K Fallon

03Sep03 York Sporting Gesture Patrington Haven Leisure Park Handicap Kieren Fallon

04Sep03 Carlisle Princes Theatre Armstrong Watson Corporate Handicap D Gibson

18Sep03 Pontefract Emperor's Well Dewsbury Selling Handicap T Quinn

23Sep03 Beverley Acomb See You Again In 2004 Handicap Paul Mulrennan

03Oct03 Hexham Moonlit Harbour Imperial Service Medal Intermediate National Hunt Flat Race Gino Carenza

05Oct03 Market Rasen One Five Eight Special Events Security Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race Mr T Greenall

11Oct03 Bangor-on-Dee Minster Glory Miles Macadam Handicap Chase AP McCoy

14Oct03 Ayr Nowell House Dawn Group Stakes Showcase Handicap Paul Mulrennan

14Oct03 Sedgefield One Five Eight Cantor Index CFD Intermediate Open National Hunt Flat Race G Carenza

18Oct03 Market Rasen Marsh Run spainlivethedream.com 'British Bred' Maiden Open National Hunt Flat Race Gino Carenza

29Oct03 Sedgefield Moonlit Harbour European Breeders Fund 'National Hunt' Novices' Hurdle (Qualifier) Gino Carenza

31Oct03 Wetherby Minster Glory bet365 White Rose Handicap Chase AP McCoy

07Nov03 Hexham Marsh Run EBF/Doncaster Bloodstock Sales Mares' Only Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race (Qualifier) Mr T Greenall

07Nov03 Hexham Real Shady Transcend (Hair & Beauty) Handicap Hurdle Mr T Greenall

10Nov03 Carlisle Minster Glory Lloyd Ltd. - Manitou Conditional Jockeys' Handicap Hurdle Gino Carenza

15Nov03 Wolverhampton Strong Hand Waterline UK's Number 1 Kitchen Distributor Fillies' Handicap Paul Mulrennan

17Nov03 Leicester Minster Glory Racecourse Video Services Handicap Hurdle R McGrath

20Nov03 Wincanton Minster Glory South West Racing Club Conditional Jockeys' Handicap Hurdle Gino Carenza

27Dec03 Wetherby Middlethorpe Sky Bet In Running On All Premiership Games Handicap Hurdle Gino Carenza

12Jan04 Wolverhampton Mount Hillaby Bet Direct No Q 08000 93 66 93 Apprentice Handicap (Div I) Paul Mulrennan

13Jan04 Leicester Parknasilla Nomad Novices' Hurdle Class D (Div I) Barry Fenton

17Feb04 Wolverhampton Wilson Bluebottle Bet Direct In Vision Sky Page 293 Banded Stakes D Gibson

23Feb04 Carlisle Nowell House Milton Handicap Hurdle Mr T Greenall

24Feb04 Sedgefield Moonlit Harbour Saltwell Signs Novices' Hurdle Alan Dempsey

13Mar04 Newcastle Belisario Guinness Handicap Chase C McCormack

13Mar04 Sandown Marsh Run EBF/Doncaster Bloodstock Sales Mares' Only Open National Hunt Flat Race Final Class A (Listed) Mr T Greenall

18Mar04 Hexham The Nomad GG.com Beginners' Chase Alan Dempsey

22Mar04 Wetherby Nowell House Iain Longman Handicap Hurdle Mr T Greenall

25Mar04 Doncaster Middlethorpe Racing Schools Apprentice Handicap Paul Mulrennan

04Apr04 Hexham The Nomad Metrocentre Novices' Chase Alan Dempsey

10Apr04 Carlisle Moonlit Harbour Cummersdale Novices' Hurdle Mr T Greenall

15Apr04 Ripon Word Perfect EBF Sharow Maiden Stakes Dale Gibson

23Apr04 Perth Hermes III Standard Life Bank Champion Stayers Hunters' Chase Mr T Greenall

24Apr04 Ripon Hills Of Gold BBC Radio York Sport Handicap K Darley

01May04 Thirsk Blue Spinnaker Hygicare Thirsk Hunt Cup Paul Mulrennan

12May04 Newcastle Selkirk Storm Dalton Park Top Brands Median Auction Maiden Paul Mulrennan

12May04 Newcastle Dance To My Tune dalton-park.com Handicap Paul Mulrennan

20May04 Newmarket Ego Trip BBC Radio Newcastle Handicap Dale Gibson

24May04 Thirsk Acomb Calverts Carpets Handicap Kevin Darley

31May04 Redcar Blue Spinnaker Zetland Gold Cup Paul Mulrennan

01Jun04 Sandown Acomb Sharp Minds Betfair Handicap Kieren Fallon

10Jun04 Southwell Snookered Again St Olive of Palermo Maiden Stakes Paul Mulrennan

19Jun04 Ayr Top Dirham Giles Insurance Stakes K Fallon

01Jul04 Yarmouth Golden Chance Roy & Joan Tanner Amateur Riders' Handicap Miss Serena Brotherton

03Jul04 Carlisle Reversionary Azure Selling Stakes Robert Winston

15Jul04 Doncaster Word Perfect Sasha Lyons Memorial Trophy EBF Novice Fillies' Stakes Dale Gibson

17Jul04 Beverley Westcourt Dream Stars of The Future Apprentice Fillies' Handicap Paul Mulrennan

19Jul04 Beverley Baymist Old Gravel Pits Allerthorpe Claiming Stakes T Lucas

06Aug04 Haydock Baymist Countrywide Freight Nursery Royston Ffrench

12Aug04 Haydock Trouble Mountain Commhoist Lifting Solutions Handicap Robert Winston

16Aug04 Nottingham Dance To My Tune Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club Handicap D Gibson

19Aug04 Chester Hills Of Gold Blue Square 0800 587 0200 Apprentice Handicap Paul Mulrennan

23Aug04 Southwell Roko National Plumbers Day Claiming Stakes T Lucas

05Sep04 York Mount Hillaby Monks Cross Shopping Park Handicap Paul Mulrennan

14Sep04 Thirsk Ego Trip Buckden Pike Handicap Dale Gibson

15Sep04 Beverley Emperor's Well Mac And Leni Memorial Handicap T Lucas

21Sep04 Beverley Emperor's Well Brian Merrington Memorial Stakes T Lucas

01Oct04 Hexham Gary's Pimpernel Tarmac Northern Novices' Hurdle Mr T Greenall

03Oct04 Market Rasen Caulkleys Bank Special Events Countryside Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race Mr T Greenall

16Oct04 Catterick Ego Trip Course With Character Classified Stakes Dale Gibson

27Oct04 Sedgefield Blue Buster John Smith's Extra Smooth Maiden National Hunt Flat Race Mr T Greenall

29Oct04 Wetherby Middlethorpe Rocom Handicap Hurdle Mr T Greenall

06Nov04 Wolverhampton Mount Hillaby Littlewoods Bet Direct Fillies' Handicap Paul Mulrennan

07Nov04 Southwell One Five Eight Refurbished All Weather Returns Tomorrow Novices' Hurdle Mr T Greenall

08Nov04 Southwell Reversionary Fibresand Is Back Banded Stakes D Gibson

12Nov04 Newcastle Kings Square Bet365 Call 08000 322 365 Handicap Hurdle Mr T Greenall

23Nov04 Sedgefield Dance Party John Smith's Extra Smooth Mares' Only Maiden Hurdle Class E (Div I) Mr T Greenall

04Dec04 Wetherby Middlethorpe Come Racing At Christmas Handicap Hurdle Mr T Greenall

04Dec04 Wetherby The Nomad Pick of The Paddock Handicap Chase Mr T Greenall

12Dec04 Musselburgh Blue Buster Watch Live On Racing UK Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race Mr T Greenall

15Dec04 Hexham Dance Party Newcastle Falcons Premier Club Novices' Hurdle Class E (Div II) Mr T Greenall

27Dec04 Wolverhampton Mount Hillaby Fred Robinson 80th Birthday Handicap (Div I) D Gibson

01Jan05 Catterick Real Shady John Gill Limited For Kia Handicap Chase Mr T Greenall

03Jan05 Wetherby Narciso Wetherby Best Small Northern Racecourse 2004 Novices Hurdle Mr T Greenall

26Jan05 Wetherby Parknasilla Paddock Bar Beginners' Chase Tony Dobbin

09Feb05 Carlisle Marsh Run European Breeders Fund Mares' Only Mr T Greenall

19Feb05 Uttoxeter Dancing Partner M & G Quality Uttoxeter Homes 01283 540092 Maiden Open National Hunt Flat Race Mr T Greenall

27Feb05 Musselburgh Kings Square Scottish Racing Handicap Hurdle Mr T Greenall

20Mar05 Carlisle Gary's Pimpernel Lockerbie Beginners' Chase Mr T Greenall

05Apr05 Southwell Soto Mamma Mia Maiden Auction Stakes Paul Mulrennan

12Apr05 Musselburgh Mount Hillaby Rectangle Group Classified Stakes Paul Mulrennan

23Apr05 Thirsk Bow Bridge Parker Engineering And Transmissions Maiden Auction Fillies' Stakes Dale Gibson

23Apr05 Market Rasen Cottam Grange Jane Clugston Perpetual Handicap Hurdle Mr T Greenall

30Apr05 Thirsk Bow Bridge toteplacepot European Breeders Fund Novice Stakes Dale Gibson

02May05 Newcastle Beverley Polo totepool Awaybet Maiden Auction Stakes Dale Gibson

07May05 Beverley Wayward Shot Powerpart Handicap Paul Mulrennan

12May05 Carlisle Strong Hand Viacom Handicap Paul Mulrennan

13May05 York Bow Bridge Langleys Solicitors EBF Marygate Stakes (Listed Race) (Fillies) Dale Gibson

15May05 Ripon Little Trump skybet.com Wooden Spoon Charity Selling Stakes Paul Mulrennan

20May05 Haydock Strong Hand Betfred The Bonus King Handicap D Gibson

28May05 Doncaster Sporting Gesture Meadowhall Handicap Dale Gibson

31May05 Redcar Uhuru Peak Car-Boot Sales Here Every Saturday/Sunday Amateur Riders' Maiden Handicap Miss Serena Brotherton

02Jun05 Hamilton Mezuzah Famous Grouse Handicap (A Qualifier for the Hamilton Park Handicap Series Final) Paul Mulrennan

02Jun05 Haydock Strong Hand Arnold Clark Renault Handicap D Gibson

04Jun05 Doncaster Top Dirham rascal.uk.com VIP Hospitality Handicap Dale Gibson

05Jun05 Hamilton Dance To My Tune Sunley Homes Handicap Paul Mulrennan

08Jun05 Beverley Woodford Consult Happy 18th Birthday Ben Haigh Handicap Paul Mulrennan

11Jun05 Hexham Bluecoat Pola Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race Mr T Greenall

18Jun05 Warwick Uhuru Peak PSA Peugeot Citroen Amateur Riders' Handicap Miss Serena Brotherton

27Jun05 Pontefract Wahchi Gerrard Investment Management Ladies Handicap Miss Serena Brotherton

27Jun05 Wolverhampton We'll Meet Again Dunstall Park Loyalty Card Handicap T Lucas

13Jul05 Haydock Westcourt Dream Bet Each Way At betdaq.co.uk Handicap D Gibson

15Jul05 Catterick Trick Cyclist Azure Handicap D Gibson

22Jul05 York The History Man HSS Maiden Auction Stakes D Gibson

23Jul05 York Sporting Gesture TSG Stakes (Handicap) Paul Mulrennan

01Aug05 Ripon Ego Trip Children's Day Handicap Paul Mulrennan

05Aug05 Thirsk Compton Plume Whitby Handicap (Ladies' Race) Miss J Coward

11Aug05 Beverley Emperor's Well East Riding Handicap (For Amateur Riders) Miss Serena Brotherton

29Aug05 Ripon Zarova Pateley Bridge Handicap Mrs Adele Mulrennan

03Sep05 Thirsk Sporting Gesture Hambleton Cup Paul Mulrennan

12Sep05 Musselburgh Wayward Shot Scottish Saltires Cricket Team Handicap Paul Mulrennan

07Oct05 Carlisle Saucy King Business Link of Cumbria Novices' Handicap Hurdle Mr T Greenall

29Oct05 Ayr The History Man John Smith's Nursery D Gibson

21Nov05 Southwell We'll Meet Again Text Betdirect To 88600 Amateur Riders' Handicap (Div II) Miss Serena Brotherton

22Nov05 Sedgefield Bang And Blame Betfred 0800 7311210 Handicap Chase Michael McAlister

04Dec05 Kelso One Five Eight Eric Scarth Memorial Novices' Handicap Chase Mr T Greenall

26Dec05 Sedgefield Bang And Blame 32Red Online Casino Handicap Chase Michael McAlister

01Jan06 Southwell Gentleman's Deal Bet Direct Freephone 0800 211 222 Handicap Dale Gibson

09Jan06 Newcastle Spitfire Sortie Saltwell Signs Maiden National Hunt Flat Race (Conditional Jockeys' And Amateur Riders' Race) Mr T Greenall

10Jan06 Sedgefield Bang And Blame Ramside Event Catering Handicap Chase Michael McAlister

13Jan06 Wolverhampton Gentleman's Deal betdirect.co.uk Handicap Dale Gibson

18Jan06 Newcastle Woodford Consult Continental Finance Mares' Only Maiden Hurdle Mr T Greenall

21Feb06 Sedgefield Turbo I John Smith's Extra Smooth Novices' Hurdle (Div I) Mr T Greenall

12Mar06 Market Rasen Commanche Sioux The Sportsman Out March 22 Novices' Hurdle (Div II) Wilson Renwick

19Mar06 Kelso The Gleaner totecourse to course Maiden Open National Hunt Flat Race Mr T Greenall

25Mar06 Redcar Mezuzah William Hill Spring Mile (Handicap) Paul Mulrennan

26Mar06 Market Rasen Bang And Blame Macmillan Cancer Relief Handicap Chase Michael McAlister

12Apr06 Catterick Mormeatmic totesport Big Screen Is Here Every Day Handicap Paul Mulrennan

27Apr06 Southwell Stolen Glance Betfred Million Handicap Paul Mulrennan

30Apr06 Ludlow Cheer Us On Jenkinsons Caterers Intermediate Open National Hunt Flat Race Mr T Greenall

05May06 Wolverhampton Gala Sunday Hold Your Conference At Dunstall Park Banded Stakes Paul Mulrennan

07May06 Hamilton Hill Of Lujain Davie Cooper Maiden Auction Stakes (A Qualifier for the Hamilton Park 2-Y-O Nursery Series Final) D Gibson

13May06 Thirsk Best Woman Quadnetics Claiming Stakes Paul Quinn

14May06 Worcester Cheer Us On Enjoy Sunday Lunch In The Restaurant Intermediate NH Flat Race Mr T Greenall

15May06 Towcester Lambrini Legend Volkswagen Touareg Unlimited Maiden Open National Hunt Flat Race Mr T Greenall

16May06 Newcastle Stolen Glance Renault Vans Fillies' Handicap Paul Mulrennan

17May06 York Blue Spinnaker Newton Investment Management Handicap Paul Mulrennan

18May06 Carlisle Mormeatmic Penrith Building Supplies Handicap Paul Mulrennan

20May06 Nottingham Trouble Mountain toteexacta Handicap Dale Gibson

25May06 Wetherby Lambrini Legend Don't Miss Ladies' Evening - Thursday 1st June Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race Mr T Greenall

26May06 Stratford Spring Margot Needham & James Hunters' Chase Mr T Greenall

01Jun06 Ayr Mormeatmic Mackenzie Partnership Handicap Paul Mulrennan

05Jun06 Thirsk Emma Told Lies Great Yorkshire Fillies' Selling Stakes Paul Mulrennan

06Jun06 Ripon Zarova Studley Royal Handicap Jimmy Quinn

08Jun06 Haydock Trouble Mountain Blackpool Tower & Circus Handicap Dale Gibson

20Jun06 Thirsk Emma Told Lies ESK Selling Stakes Paul Mulrennan

24Jun06 Ayr Mormeatmic coral.co.uk Handicap Paul Mulrennan

03Jul06 Wolverhampton Inside Story Take Control With wbx.com Handicap Tom Eaves

08Jul06 Nottingham Gala Sunday Amateur Jockeys Association Investing In Racing Lady Riders' Handicap Miss Serena Brotherton