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Foal and foster mare Poco doing well

Foal and foster mare Poco doing well

18.33 | Sun 7 Jul 24 | Foals

In May we put out an urgent appeal for a foster mare following the sad loss of Chip N Pin during foaling.

Katey answered our cry for help. Her mare, Poco, had just lost her foal and Poco loves being a mum. We thought it would be the perfect match.

The lorry was sent to the north east to collect Poco and she was taken to Norton Grove Stud to be introduced to the day old foal, who was named 'Connie'.

The pair bonded very quickly and Connie was soon suckling from her foster mum.

Poco and Connie are now with us and have joined the rest of the broodmares for the summer. Poco is a brilliant mum and is very protective towards her adopted foal, keeping her a safe distance from the rest of the mares.

We'd like to express a huge thank you to Katey for her generosity as her wonderful mare Poco really is one in a million.

If Chip N Pin is up there looking down she'd be very proud.

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