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Postcards from The Lakes: Master Sheridan

Postcards from The Lakes: Master Sheridan

18.23 | Tue 28 May 24 | Rehoming

It was great to hear from Holly who owns ex-racehorse Master Sheridan.

Master Sheridan was bred here but after retiring last summer after running for the final time at Catterick we decided to make him available through our rehoming programme.

Master Sheridan raced five times before retiring to live with Holly in the Lake District. He's known as Boris, named after Prime Minister Boris Johnson as he was born during the COVID-19 crisis in 2020.

Now loving life in Cumbria, Holly sent us these pictures of 'Boris' on his first cross country outing.

"He was very fired up at first lots of excited dancing on the spot but after a good gallop out he soon settled down and was jumping lovely! He really enjoyed himself!" said Holly.

He took it in his stride and he did me very proud! Really pleased with him. He certainly is some horse!"

"If you're thinking about giving one of these ex-racers a new life then go for it. We absolutely love ours. He has given so much joy to us."

Don't forget to visit our rehoming pages where you can find quality ex-racehorses to start your off the track adventure.

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